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Chatur Vyuha – One Among Five States Of Srihari Vishnu

Chatur Vyuha is the second state of godhead according to Pancharatra Agama. The Agama expounds the Bhagavata religion of Vishnu worship and speaks of five states of Srihari Vishnu. The five states are – para, transcendent state pertaining to His abode called paramapada; vyuha, segmented or self-divided state pertaining to manifestations of the God of paramapada (Vaikuntha) for conducting specific cosmic activities; vibhava, state of incarnation on earth; antaryami, state of immanent presence as controller of all beings; and archa, state of presence of images of temples under worship. Of these, the second, namely, the vyuha state is four fold, one having four successive projections of Srihari Vishnu. Each projection proceeds from the previous one of the Supreme One (called Paravasudeva residing in paramapada and having infinite projection) whose six attributes suggesting omnipotence and omniscience are notable. These are : jnana (knowledge), bala (might), aishwarya (power to realiz

Bhima Fighting Sister Of Bakasura

The story of Bhima fighting sister of Bakasura is found in the Kashidashi Mahabharata. The incident happened when Pandavas were on their final journey after giving up kingdom. During their final journey, Pandavas reached the Meghavarna Mountain. It was impossible to climb the mountain and dark clouds hovered over it. There was constant rain in the mountain. Here they were stopped by a huge demoness. She was so huge. It seemed she could reach the skies. She thrived on human flesh. She was happy to see Pandavas and Draupadi. This demoness in her previous birth was a heavenly damsel (apsara) named Chitra. She was cursed by Sage Durvasa to become a demoness. She was always hungry and ate whatever that comes before her sight. A sage who came the way told the story of the demoness to the Pandavas. It is from the sage that the Pandavas learned that she was the sister of Bakasura, who was killed by Bhima. Bhima decided to protect his brothers and Draupadi. She screamed

18 Ways To Better Your Relationships

We are living in a difficult world. It is good relationships that alone can help us during the difficult times. Here are 18 ways to better your relationships. Give space to others. Avoid talking too much about oneself. Show interest in other people’s lives. Provide attention to their problems and show them that you care about them. Stop complaining. Stop being negative. Avoid cutting off someone when they are talking. Allow them to complete their conversation or idea. Try not to ignore emails and text messages. If you are busy leave a short note. Try to remember important dates in other people’s lives. Never forget to thank and praise. It means alot to many people. Never discuss the imperfections of your relationships with others. Respect privacy of the other person. This is an important aspect in a relationship often ignored.  The best way to get a relationship working is to have common ground, common goals and shared goals. Secrets in a r