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Samana Vayu – Meaning – Pranayama – Importance

Samana Vayu is one among the five principal vayus. Samana Vayu in Yoga is the vital airs or vital energies. The five principal vayus are prana, apana, vyana, udana and samana. The vayus are supposed to flow along the nadis or channels inside the body and bring about various life activities by supplying the vital energy required for them. Like other four vayus, Samana Vayu is also derived from prana. Prana is the one single source of all vitals airs. It is universally present life principle. Prana can be imbibed from the atmosphere by every living being through the process of respiration. As per Darshana Upanishad and Vedantasara, the Samana Vayu is said to be the supplier of nutrients to all body parts such as muscles, glands, conducting tissues, bones, skin, etc., taking them from the food which is digested by it in the stomach with the help of prana. Importance of Samana Vayu is also mentioned in Trisikhi Brahmana Upanishad (81 and 86) and Yoga Yajnavalkya (IV – 48-72).

Goddess Gomati – Information about Goddess Gomathi

Goddess Gomati is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. There are 108 Shaktipeetah in the world as per Devi Bhagavad Puran. The 108 Shaktipeetah, or centers of Mother Goddess worship, was narrated by Sage Vyasa to Janmajeya. Among the 108 Shaktipeetahs, Mother Goddess Gomathi is worshipped in the seventh Shaktipeetah. The place is located at Gomanth, which is also known as Krouncha Dweepa. The place finds in the Mahabharata. From the description of the place, it is believed that the place is modern day Goa located in the western parts of India. As per Bhavishya Puran, Bhagavan Sri Krishna was able to defeat Jarasandha with the blessings of Goddess Gomati. Goddess Gomati is worshipped for victory over enemies both physical and mental. It is believed that worship of her helps changing bad luck to good luck. Goddess Gomati Mantra Om Gomati Devayee Namah ॐ गोमती देव्यै : नमः

What Is The Best Way To Work And Yet Be Free In This Very Life?

What is the best way to work and yet be free in this very life? Swami Vipashananda Answers This is the subject of the first mantra of the – All this — whatsoever moves on earth — should be covered by the Lord. Protect (the Self) through detachment (which arises from this covering). Do not covet anyone’s wealth.’ The Shruti expressly states: ‘all this’. Our usual notions about ‘I’ and ‘the world’ (that both are real) are incorrect, because these notions are changing continuously. Everything in nature, including ourselves, is subject to death and destruction. Even this earth, the stars, and galaxies are constantly undergoing destruction and rebirth. This is an undeniable fact. So this changing universe, and the ‘I’ there in, is to be covered with the idea of divine permanence (that is, Brahman). With this awareness that everything—I and the observed universe—is nothing but Brahman, detached action becomes easier and more natural. Enjoyment, which presupposes duality, is