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Why Sesha Naga is known as Ananta Shesha? – Adisesha – Thousand Headed Snake

Sesha Naga is the thousand headed snake on whom Hindu God Vishnu reclines. Shesha Nag floats on the cosmic ocean and Srihari Vishnu reclines on the bed created by coiling of the body of Sesha. As per Hindu tradition, when the dissolution of the world takes place, Sesha remains. He witnesses the destruction of the entire universe and then its regeneration. Sesha means that which remains. As He is eternal, he is known as Ananta Shesha. Another belief in Hindu tradition is that the earth rests on the head of Ananta Shesha. Thus in Hindu folktales, it was narrated that earthquakes happened when Shesha moved his head. Legend has it that Sesha appeared as Lakshman, when Vishnu took the incarnation of Rama. He later appeared as Balram when Vishnu took the incarnation of Krishna . You May Also Want to Read Sri Krishna Eating Banana Peel – Story on Greatness of Unflinching Devotion

Agastheswar Shiva – Agasthswar Mahadev Form of Shiva

Agastheswar is one among the thousands of forms of Shiva worshipped on earth. Agastheswar is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. The Agastheswar Mahadev form is associated with Sage Agastya. Agastheswar is also one of the 84 Mahadevas worshipped in Ujjain . The shrine having the Shivling of Agastheswar is located behind the Harsiddhi Temple complex. This form of Shiva is worshipped for good education and good health.

Sravana Vratham Procedure – How to observe Sravana Vratham or Fasting on Sravana Nakshatram day

Sravana Vratham fasting is observed by Vaishnava devotees. It is quite similar to Ekadasi fast. Here is a brief description of Sravana Vratham Procedure. The fast is observed monthly on the Sravana Nakshatram day. The fasting is for a whole day from sunrise to next day sunrise – this is only for healthy people. Older people and those who have various medical conditions should not observe the strict fast. Such people should eat fruits and other Vrat foods or opt for partial fasting. One should try to observe silence while observing the Vratham. Importance should be given to meditation. The two important prayers that should be chanted on the day are Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam or Pancha Sooktham. The fast should be broken next day during sunrise after offering nivedhyam. The fast should be broken by taking some liquid diet. All the rules associated with Ekadashi fasting should be followed for Sravana Vratham. Related How to observe Ekadasi Fasting?

If birthday falls on Sunday – what are the effects as per Hindu Astrology?

If birthday falls on Sunday, as per Hindu astrology the person will be undertaking journeys to distant locations. Please note that such things are mostly based on astrological thought followed in a region. It has nothing to do with Hindu scriptures or religious teachings. If the birthday falls on Sunday, it is good to offer prayers to Lord Surya. Chanting Gayatri mantra daily is also meritorious.

Matching Stars for Ashwathy Nakshatram Born Boy – Marriage Matching Star for Ashwathy Nakshatra Male

Marriage Matching stars for Ashwathy Nakshatram born boy as per Kerala/Malayalam jyothisham is given below. It must be noted that the matching star is for male born in Ashwathy Nakshatram only. It is not for female born in the star. Matching Star for Ashwathy Nakshatra Male are: Ashwathy, Bharani, Karthika, Rohini, Makayiram, Thiruvathira, Punirtham, Pooyam, Ayiliyam, Makam, Pooram, Uthram, Atham, Chothi, Anizham, Uthradam ¾ quarter, Thiruonam, Pooruruttathi ¼ quarter and Revathi. – born girls are good for Ashwathy Nakshatram born boy.  Related Matching Stars for Ashwathy Nakshatram Born Girl

Santana Lakshmi Vratam – Santan Lakshmi Vrat - How to observe Santana Lakshmi Vratam?

Santana Lakshmi Vratam is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and it is performed for having good and healthy children. Santan Lakshmi Vrat is usually performed on Thursday. The devotee performing the fast should keep the house neat and clean. He/She should take early bath. First prayer is offered to Lord Ganesha and then prayers are offered to the Santana Lakshmi form of Goddess Lakshmi. A fast is observed from sunrise to sunset. Older people and those who have various medical conditions should not observe the strict fast. Such people should eat fruits and other Vrat foods or opt for partial fasting. Various prayers dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi should be chanted on the day. Try to keep silence and meditate on the day. Performing Annadanam or food donation on the day to poor children is highly meritorious. You can also distribute dress materials. The fast ends after evening prayers– with the preparation of sweet or fruit.