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Mhasoba – About Hindu God Mhasoba

Mhasoba is widely worshipped in Maharashtra and in parts of Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The name of Hindu God Mahasoba is derived from the term Mahisa and it means buffalo. In some regions, he is considered as the chief of spirits. Mhasoba is mainly worshiped to overcome epidemics.
There is no human figure or animal figure of Mhasoba. He is represented by a piece of stone which has no definite form or distinct shape.
He is enshrined under a tree or in small square structure built on the outskirts of a village or near the boundary wall of farmlands.
When there is an outbreak of an epidemic, Mhasoba is offered coconut, pumpkin etc.
Oil pressers (Teli community) worship him before the start of oil pressing season.
Some scholars believe that during the medieval period when there were frequent droughts, a large section of society turned to cattle rearing for their livelihood. Buffalo then became sacred and was raised to status of a deity.
One of the famous temp…

Mangalnath Temple in Ujjain – Mangalnath Mandir in Ujjain Dedicated to Shiva

MangalnathTemple in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh is dedicated to Shiva. According to Matsya Purana, Mangalnath is the birthplace of Mangal Grah (Mars). This ancient mandir is located on a hillock and looks down upon the ShipraRiver.

Karka Rekha is said to pass through the center of the Shivalinga in the MangalnathTemple. It is said that the first meridian passes the earth through here.
Apart from the main Shivling, the sanctum sanctorum of MangalnathTemple has also an image of Shiva in his Mahadev manifestation.
Mangalnath is also one among the 84 Mahadevas.
The murti of Mangalnath built from a single stone is found in the main temple complex. Murti of Bhaumeshwari, mother of Mangal, is located north of the temple.
The murti of Prudvi Devi is also located in the temple complex.
Special pujas are performed here to alleviate mangal dosh.
The most important day in the temple is Tuesday.

Material Possessions Only Keep Us in Bondage of Ignorance – Dada J P Vaswani

The problem with many of us is that we have completely identified ourselves with the body – the physical, material aspects of our existence. If I were to ask, “Who are you?” you would immediately point to your physical form. But we are not the bodies we wear. The body is only a garment we have worn in this present earth incarnation.
When I urge you not to identify yourself with the body, I am asking you to move away from the allure of the material world. The more we identify with body, the more we want, crave, possess; the more we get entangled in maya.
Identification with body leads to the illusion that power, pleasures and possessions of this world can make us happy.
But these material possessions only keep us in bondage – the bondage of ignorance.
Once you are freed from this illusion, you will realize the truth of the Self, and move towards God-realization.
Dada J P Vaswani