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Story Of Balarama And Demon Dhenukasura - Donkey

The story of Balarama, the elder brother of Sri Krishna, and demon Dhenukasura (donkey demon) is found in the Vishnu Purana and Srimad Bhagavad Purana. Sri Krishna, Balarama and other gopas used wander through the woods with their cattle. Once during their mini excursions, they reached the region of forest controlled by demon Dhenukasura. The area was filled with Palmyra Palm trees – known as Tal or Taltar in Hindi and Panai in Tamil. The trees were filled with ripe fruit and the gopas wanted to taste them. They asked Balram and Sri Krishna to pluck some fruits. The brothers shook some trees and brought down numerous fruits. The fruits made loud noise when they fell down. This alerted Dhenukasura. He took the form of an ass and charged towards the brothers. As per some stories, Dhenuka is referred to as the donkey demon. The demon in the form of ass began to kick Balram on his breast with his hinder heels. Balrama seized both the hind legs and whirled the demon

Sex workers of Varanasi offering Puja at Manikarnika Cremation Ghat during Chaitra Navratri

Nagar Vadhus of Kashi (sex workers or bride of the city) offers a unique puja at Manikarnika Cremation Ghat during Chaitra Navratri. Dance and music are played while the dead are being cremated. This takes place during the seventh night of Chaitra Navratri – March 29, 2023. This is a very ancient tradition. The sex workers of Varanasi dance and play music while offering prayers to Shiva at Manikarnika Cremation Ghat. After performing religious rituals, they present dance and music at the makeshift stage amid the burning pyres in respect of the lord of cremation ground.