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Dauji Temple at Talvan near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh

Dedicated to Balram, Dauji Temple is located at Talvan, which is around 10 km west of Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh. The temple has murtis of Balrama (Dauji) and his consort Revati. There is also a murti of Sri Krishna in the main altar.

An outer courtyard leads to the main altar of the temple. To the right of the temple there is the Balbhadra kund or sacred pond.

The temple also has a few Tal trees. The region takes its name from these trees. Devotees offer worship to the tree as these trees were present when Balram, Sri Krishna, Gopas and Gopis roamed in Talvan.

The divine brothers had killed demon named Dhenukasura at Talvan.