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Maang Tikka In Hindu Religion – Why Hindu Women Wear Maang Tikka?

Mang Tika is an important ornament of some Hindu communities. It is part of an essential ornament of a bride in Hindu religion. But is there any reason why Hindu women wear Maang Tikka? Most people believe that it is worn as part of beautification. Some suggest there is reason that is associated with good health.

There is a belief that wearing Maang Tika helps in controlling the heat in the body.

Maang Tikka is made of various metals including gold, sliver and bell metal. It is worn on the head and looks like a hanging pendant.

Today the ornament is available in numerous designs. Some are studded with costly stones.

Maang Tikka made of diamonds and pearls are in high fashion today. But no one has done a proper research as to do such costly Maang Tikka serve the original purpose.