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Holi Rang Pashi

Rang Pashi is the first day of Holi celebration in Hindu homes and it falls three days before the Purnima or Poornima (Full Moon). Purnima is the day when Holika is burnt or Holi bonfires are lit. It must be noted that in Mathura and Vrindavan the celebrations begin nearly a month before the actual day of celebrations.

On the Rang Pashi day, all the members of the family assemble and the eldest member of the family sprinkle colors (gulal) and water with Tesu flowers.

Rang Pashi is a subdued celebration of Holi and all the women in the family wear Holi Dandia saris. It is mainly a day of get together and discuss about the preparation for the festival.

After the ceremony, sweets like gujia, papri are served. Non-vegetarian dishes are also served on this day. People also enjoy drinks like bhang and other alcoholic beverages.