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Kubera Temple at Karnali near Vadodara in Gujarat – Kuber Bhandari Temple

The village Karnali located near Vadodara in Gujarat is famous for a very ancient temple of Lord Kuber Bhandari. Kuber is the treasurer of gods and he is believed to bless devotees with money, wealth and material possessions.  Kuber Bhandari Temple is situated on the banks of Narmada River and is believed to be as old as 2,500 years.

Legend has it that Kuber offered prayers to Shiva at Karnali after he lost all his wealth to Ravana. Shiva was pleased with the penance and blessed him to be the treasurer of gods.

The shrine has murti of Kuber Bhandari and a swayambhu Shivling and is located in a serene spot.

The temple is located around 120 km from Vadodara. Vadodara to Dabhoi is around 55 km. From Dabhoi one has to reach Limpura which is around 60 km. From Limpura it is around 8 km.