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Ashtadravya – Ashta Dravya in Ganapati Homan

Ashtadravya, or Ashtadravyam, are eight sacred puja items that are offered to Lord Ganesha during the special puja known as Ashta Dravya Mahaganapathy Homam. It is offered to Lord Ganesh to get his blessings – who blesses with wealth, prosperity and long life. The eight sacred things that are part of the Ashtadravya are:
Sesame Oil,
Rice flakes

In some places Ashta Dravya are Dried coconut, puffed rice, jaggery, banana (kadali plantain), honey, sesame, sugarcane and fried paddy of rice.

For some communities Ashtadravya are Coconut, Banana, Honey, Sugarcane, Ghee, Modhaka, Jaggery, Puffed rice.

The concept of Ashta Dravya is of South Indian origin and is more popular with Hindu communities in South India.

Ashta Dravya is also presented to little children, who are new initiates into the world of learning, by the Guru after receiving Gurudakshina (limited to some communities).