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Why Parijata is known as Night Jasmine? – Why its flowers bloom only at night? – Why Parijata Tree is also known as Sad Tree? – Stories in Hinduism

Parijata is known as night jasmine as its flowers bloom only at night and they fall off before sunrise. A story mentioned in Vayu Purana indicates about this unique aspect and also why Parijata is sad tree or the tree of sorrow. In fact there are numerous stories in Hinduism which give reason to unique behavior of the tree. In all the stories sun is the villain.

Legend has it that a king had a daughter named Parijataka. She fell in love with Surya, the sun god. Surya reciprocated her love but as he could not stay with her, he betrayed her by abandoning her.

Unable to bear the pain and insult, Parijataka burnt herself to death. Soon parijata shrub appeared in the places where her ashes fell.

As Parijataka is angry and cannot bear the sight of the sun, its flowers bloom at night and fall off before sunrise.

As the tree appeared after a heartbreaking incident, it is also known as tree of sorrow or sad tree.