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Ancient Ganesh Murti Found While Carrying Out Works for Building a Temple

A 12 century Ganesh Murti was discovered on the premises of KCP Sugars and Industries Limited at Laxmipuram in Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh. The Ganesha Murti was found while carrying out works for building a temple on the premises of the sugar factory. The murti belongs is carved as per Chalukyan style of carving and is made of granite stone with trunk on the left side. The murti is 3-feet high.
The Hindu reports

As part of its plans to build Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi temple, the factory management started works at north-east corner using an earthmover. While the earthmover operator was digging, he heard a sound and stopped operating the machine for a while. A few minutes later, he resumed the work only to find a stone structure. When the operator slowly removed the soil, he found a three-foot high Ganesh idol in a sitting posture, said CEO G. Venkateswara Rao. 
As the news of the discovery spread fast, people from nearby villages thronged the company and performed puja. Archaeological Department Assistant Director K. Chittibabu, who examined the idol, explained that it could be dated to 12 Century A.D. The idol, with Chalukyan style of carving, is made of granite stone with trunk on the left side, he said, adding that during an exploration carried out by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) at Laxmipuram and its surroundings in 1984, the remains of pre-historic and medieval period were found.