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Durga Ashtami 2017 date during Durga Puja

Durga Ashtami is third day of main Durga Puja celebrations and the eighth day of the Navratri festival. Durga Ashtami 2017 date is September 28. A fast is undertaken on the day many devotees. Other important rituals on the day include Astra Puja, Sandhya Puja and also Kumari Puja. The day is also known as Virashtami and Maha Ashtami.

Note - Durga Ashami during Chaitra Navratri is on April 4, 2017.

Legend has it that Goddess Kali appeared from the forehead of Goddess Durga to kill Chanda and Munda and Rakthabhija on the Ashtami day. On the day 64 Yoginis and Ashtanayikas – the eight consorts – of Durga are also worshipped.

Special rituals dedicated to Chamunda are also worshipped on the Durga Ashtami day. Related
Origin of Goddess Kali Goddess Worship in Hinduism

Durga Puja Global Warming Message – Sand Sculpture of Goddess Durga on Puri Beach in Orissa

During important Hindu festivals, world famous sand sculptor and artists Sudarshan Pattnaik from Orissa uses the festival to spread the message of global warming, eco-friendly festivals and environmental awareness. For Durga Puja 2009, Sudarshan Pattnaik has created a Sand idol of Goddess Durga on PuriBeach in Orissa with the message to grow plants to protect environment. In the sand sculpture, Goddess Durga wears green leaves as ornament and there is a burning globe behind her.
Sudarshan Pattnaik requested all the Puja committees in India to spend some money on planting trees to save the Earth.RelatedWorld’s Longest Sand Ganesha Idol

Curse of Mata Sita – The Reason Why Some Hindu Temple Priests are Greedy for Money

Hindu devotees who have visited some of the most popular temples in India might have had numerous experiences of greedy temple priests, or Pandas, demanding more money. They are never satisfied with the normal token amount. Some priests are always on the look out to cheat innocent devotees. And fights between pandas over sharing money are very common. It is believed that the Pandas are greedy due to a curse of Mata Sita. Anita Ratnam who had to face such greedy priests writes about the curse in the New Indian Express While performing the annual rituals for my parents at Gaya, I heard this amazing story from the Ramayana. After Lord Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman had left Ayodhya for the forests, they received news of King Dasaratha’s demise. The two brothers immediately went to the banks of the PhalguniRiver in Gaya and performed their prayers for the passing of the soul.  Meanwhile, King Dasaratha’s hungry spirit demanded food from Mata Sita. Reluctantly she rolled some wet mud and fed …

Thoughts on Hindu Festivals – Time to Brush up Spiritual Roots and Help the Needy

This thought provoking article is an excerpt from the editorial of Vedanta Kesari published in October 2007 – which asks people to look beyond mere celebrations during Hindu festivals. Festivals need not be celebrated with a great lot of pomp and show. One can also observe them with due solemnity and religious fervor. One can celebrate a festival in a sattvika manner rather than getting lost in a rajasic or tamasic display of one’s wealth or emotions. Sattva is the element of purity and calmness. If a person wishes to celebrate a festival in a spirit of sattva, it means he does not want to indulge in meaningless show-off and waste of one’s energies and resources. Instead of just hosting a social gathering, he could then think of making better use of his resources. He could extend help to the needy (feeding the poor or gifting financial help) and make use of time in meditating on God and thinking of spiritual matters. Or make use of this opportunity to relax and brush up one’s spiritua…