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Daksha Smriti Quotes

If someone takes a bath with all the sand/soap and Ganges water during one’s whole life but not having an internal purification, then one cannot get Moksha or liberation. Thus an internal purification is utmost important. 

God exists everywhere and inside everyone. 

Then why one should have a feeling of envy, hatred, anger, delusion/ignorance, greed etc towards anybody.

When there is wind blowing the water does not stay still even for a second. Our mind is just like that. It will keep changing every second. Never trust it.

Samadhi is that inner state wherein after renouncing craving / aversion towards fleeting material objects one steadies the mind and thus attains soul force.


Without effort, no wealth; without wealth, no action; without action, no duty; without duty, no happiness. Now, the entire world yearns for happiness, and that grows only out of one’s performing one’s duty. Hence “Oh men do your duty. (Daksha Smriti Chapter III 22-23).

Daksha Smriti