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Book: Indian Saris – Traditions, Perspectives, Design

If you are a lover of traditional Indian saris, then this is a book that you wouldn’t want to miss – ‘Indian Saris – Traditions, Perspectives, Design’ by Vijai Singh Katiyar. The books takes a reader through the evolution of the sari from the Vedic times to today, the cultural and religious tradition of designs, Sari during Indian independence movement, the families that create the magic of saree, styles of draping sari…

Vijai Singh Katiyar, a designer, writes with passion about Saree – a unique Indian tradition and what makes the book so attractive and tempting is the colorful photographs and pictures of traditional Indian Saris from different parts of India.

If you are a lover of Saris, perhaps the only aspect that might keep you away from purchasing the book is the price. The book published by Wisdom Tree is priced at Rs/- 3495 ($75).

The flyer of the book says

The book lends a new dimension to the way the traditional Indian sari is looked at, and upholds it as an epitome of holistic design with a unique creative expression.

In the backdrop of Indian socio-cultural and economic ethos, the pages inside unfold the mesmerising woven yards of the sari, the quintessential piece of garment that has draped the Indian women since time immemorial. The volume aims to delight and enrich the aesthetic experience of the reader with information on a wide range of saris from both the past and the present.

Indian Saris – Traditions, Perspectives, Design
Written by Vijai Singh Katiyar
Published by Wisdom Tree
Price - Rs/- 3495 - $75.
You can buy the book online at Wisdom Tree