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Book: Human Values and Professional Ethics

Written by S. Kannan and K. Srilakshmi, ‘Human Values and Professional Ethics’ focus on using ancient wisdom of Vedas for solving today's problems. The book is of scholarly nature and has been included in the Uttar Pradesh Technical University Syllabus. The book delves into Green IT – “as IT adoption increases in India, we also need to ensure that green IT is inculcated right from the beginning in order to avoid a situation where the nation gets saddled with a legacy and obsolete infrastructure.”

The Book contains case studies for practical understanding of the concept of professional ethics. Certain philosophical insights based on Scriptures have also been added in order to enrich the understanding of the value system and harmony in a holistic manner.

Human Values and Professional Ethics consist of five Divisions and twenty nine Chapters.

  • The first Division deals with value education, self exploration, natural acceptance, human aspirations, prosperity, happiness and living in harmony.
  • The second Division focuses on self harmony. It presents a detailed account of the BMIS concept which consists of the human body, mind, intellect and Self. It explains how to live in self harmony.
  • The third Division highlights the various dimensions of relationship harmony in terms of family harmony, societal harmony, spiritual harmony and the values in human relationship.
  • The fourth Division deals with cosmic harmony encompassing harmony in nature, renewable energy, biodiversity, inter-connectedness and co-existence.
  • The fifth Division presents an overview of holistic harmony including human values, professional ethics, code of conduct, human order, individual transformation and societal transformation.

Written by DR S Kannan, K Srilakshmi
Price: Rupees 165/-
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