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Sharadotsav is the traditional name of Durga Puja and also for Navratri in different parts of India. The season after the monsoon rains in India is referred as Sharad and the festivals that are held during the period are referred as Sharadotsav. In Bengal, Durga Puja is also known by the name of Shardotsav. In North India, some Hindu communities refer to the nine-day Navratri and Vijayadasami as Sharadotsav.
Sharad season, or Sharath Ritu, falls during the Ashwin and Kartik months in traditional Hindu calendars. 
Sharad season is between monsoon season and the early winter season and is noted for pleasant climate with Mother Nature adorning a green cover. In India, Sharad season is from September to November as per Gregorian calendar.
Navratri, Durga Puja, Sharad Purnima, Diwali are some of the important festivals held during the period. Except for Diwali all other festivals that are observed during the period are occasionally referred as Sharadotsav.
Sharadotsav at Vrindavan during …

Book: Indian Saris – Traditions, Perspectives, Design

If you are a lover of traditional Indian saris, then this is a book that you wouldn’t want to miss – ‘Indian Saris – Traditions, Perspectives, Design’ by Vijai Singh Katiyar. The books takes a reader through the evolution of the sari from the Vedic times to today, the cultural and religious tradition of designs, Sari during Indian independence movement, the families that create the magic of saree, styles of draping sari… Vijai Singh Katiyar, a designer, writes with passion about Saree – a unique Indian tradition and what makes the book so attractive and tempting is the colorful photographs and pictures of traditional Indian Saris from different parts of India.If you are a lover of Saris, perhaps the only aspect that might keep you away from purchasing the book is the price. The book published by Wisdom Tree is priced at Rs/- 3495 ($75). The flyer of the book saysThe book lends a new dimension to the way the traditional Indian sari is looked at, and upholds it as an epitome of holistic…

Bhasani Yatra in Orissa

Bhasani Yatra, or Basani Jatra, is observed on the day after Vijaya Dasami and Dasara in Orissa. All the murtis, or idols, of Goddess Durga that participated in Durga Puja are taken out in a procession on Bhasanai day and immersed in sea, river, lake or pond. In 2018, Bhasani Yatra in Orissa is October 19. This visarjan ceremony of Goddess Durga is witnessed by thousands of people.
At JagannathTemple in Puri, all the Durga Puja murtis assemble in front of the temple and pays tribute to Lord Jagannath. Thousands of people assemble to witness this unique ritual involving Goddess Durga and Lord Jagannath.
In the evening, the murtis of Goddess Durga are taken to a nearby sea, river or lake and the visarjan or immersion ceremony takes place.
This ceremony marks the end of Durga Puja festivities in Orissa.