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What is Avidhava Navami? – How to perform Pitrupaksha Shradh for Sumangali Women?

Vidhava means Widow. “Avidhava” means not a Widow – Sumangali. Avidhava Navami in the context of Pitru Paksham is the day on which ceremonies/rituals are to be performed for those Women (Mothers) who died as Sumangali. Avidhava Navami 2017 date is September 14.
It should be performed by the son/s on the Navami tithi day during Pithru Paksha.
On this day, brahmana – muthaide bhojana should be arranged, apart from regular Shradha. Some people perform Sankalpa Shradha on this day, whereas some people only do Shradha.
During Avidhava Navami, unlike paksha (wherein all the forefathers will be called), only his mother, mother’s in law and great grand mother (maata, maatamahi, and prapitaamahi) will be called and panda pradhana will be done. (This is also called as anvasthaka shraddha).
Avidhavanavami has to be done as long as the husband of the muthaide is surviving. After father’s death, Avidhavanami need not be done.
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Ghat Chaturdashi Shradh Tarpan Rituals for Accidental and Other Unnatural Deaths

The rites and rituals on the fourteenth day during the Pitru Paksha fortnight is offered to those people who passed away due to accidents or those that met with other unnatural deaths like snake bites etc. The day is known as Ghat Chaturdashi in some regions. Observed in Ashwin month, Ghat Chaturdashi 2017 date is September 18.
There is a popular belief among some devout Hindus that the souls of those people who had an unnatural death wander around and do not rest in peace. Hindus perform special pujas, rites and rituals for the dead person’s soul to rest in peace.
Pitru Paksha fortnight Shradh rites and rituals observed during the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month are considered apt for giving peace to the souls of all types of unnatural deaths. All Shradh rituals are best performed with the help of knowledgeable elderly person or a qualified priest.

Swami Chidananda on Using Spirituality to Become Ideal Individuals

(Swami Chidananda was the disciple of Swami Sivananda, the founder of the Divine Life Society, and Swami Chidananda succeeded him in 1963.) We may progress in concentration and meditation, in Japa, in prayerfulness, God-remembrance and devotion, in the depth of our philosophical understanding, but we must also see clearly that simultaneously with these positive and progressive things happening to us, that our continuous human culture must accompany them, keep pace with them, must also move forward into a greater and greater state of perfection, wholeness and idealism. We cannot afford to forget that, as we evolve in our spiritual dimension, we have to also simultaneously evolve upon our human dimension.
Spirituality must make us into good persons. Spirituality must make us ideal human individuals. Spirituality must help to make us benefactors of our own society. Spirituality must make us a centre of blessedness to others, a centre of help to others, a centre of harmony, a centre of …