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Society of Priests Providing Shradh and Hindu Funeral Service in Varanasi – Asthi Visarjan and Pitru Paksha Pindh Shradh

Kashi Moksha Incorporation, a registered Society in India with its head office at Varanasi, is providing funeral service to Hindus all around the world in conducting rites and rituals for dead ancestors, parents and relatives. During Pitru Paksha Shradh fortnight, the society is providing service like Asthi Visarjan River Ganga and Pind Shradh in Pitrapaksh. In an e-mail sent to us, Kashi Moksha Incorporation claims that they are a society of learned priests and Acharyas and have all the expertise and infrastructure to perform the rites and rituals for the dead associated with Hinduism. The Kashi Moksha Incorporation will help Hindu families wanting to achieve Moksha of their deceased family member by performing Asthi Visarjan and Shradh at holy Ganges in Haridwar or Pryagraj or Brahmkapal Badrinath Ji or Kashi Ji or Gaya in traditional and religious manners as described in holy granth "Garur Puran" and "Smriti Shastra" on behalf of the family members of departing …

Sama Veda Quotes

Agnir Vrittraani Janghanad (Verse 4)
Agni (fire) destroys the demons (vritras).Agni implies ‘knowledge’ and Vritta 'darkness of ignorance'. Just as Agni destroys the darkness, in the same manner we should use 'the fire of knowledge' for the destruction of Kama (lust), Krodh (anger), Moha (attachments) and Ahamkaar (arrogance) – the five inherent enemies of man. The fire of knowledge is capable of destroying these enemies. Ignorance (darkness) can be destroyed by knowledge of self. Agne! Nah Drishe Devah Hi Asi (Verse 10)
Agni is the deity, who shows us the (right) path. Agni is known for his capability to annihilate darkness. As soon as there is light, darkness vanishes and as a result the surroundings become clearly visible. It shows us the right path when it is dark. So, quite rightly Agni has been referred to as the destroyer of darkness and the torch bearer of human beings. Nah Rayim Vansate (III Verse 2)
Agni blesses us with wealth. Fire was perhaps one of the first …