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Why we observe Ayudha Puja? Story of Ayuda Pooja

Ayudha Pooja, or Astra Pooja, is an integral part of Navratri, Durga Puja and Dasara festivals. Ayudha pooja is being celebrated since ancient times. According to Hindu Mythology, after the killing of Mahishasura and other Rakshasas (demons), Mahishasura Mardini – Chamundeswari found that there was no more use for the weapons. So the weapons were kept aside and worshiped. Another legend states that before the final battle against Mahisha all the weapons of Durga were kept for puja and she took them on the next day to annihilate Mahisha and restore Dharma.The importance of Ayudha Puja is also due to the fact that on the Vijayadasami day, Arjuna took back his weapons which he had hidden in a Shami Vriksha during the one-year disguise period of their 14-year exile in the Mahabharata. Arujna is believed to have taken back the weapons after performing the Ayudha Puja on the previous day of VijayadasamiIt is believed that one who begins work or learning on the Vijayadasami day will secure a…

Problems with Internet Reservation and Online Facility at Tirupati Tirumala Temple

Thousands of people face a unique problem when trying to reserve a Seva or accommodation through net booking – the problem is that online booking shows No Availability always.A reader of our blog, G Murali Mohana Rao, writes about this tough situation faced by numerous Balaji devotees and asks Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTDs) to take a serious note of the problem and improve the situation.G Murali Mohana Rao writesNamaskarams!

TTD can use technology for peaceful visit to TIRUMALA

Daily several thousands of devotees reach Tirumala on devotion.

TTD’s Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti channel continuously displays information to book accommodation and seva tickets in advance. Booking on internet is mere a myth. Trying to book over net any time for any seva or accommodation, the result will be –NOT AVAILABLE and practically is of no use as only a part of bookings are available on internet!

At Tirumala there are multiple reservation buildings, where in the devotees stand in serpentine queues to ob…

What is Ayudha Pooja? – Importance of Puja of Implements and Tools

Ayudha Pooja is a worship of whatever implements, one may use in our day to day life. Ayudha Pooja 2017 date is September 29. If one can make a conscious effort to see the divine in the tools and objects one uses each day, it will help one to see one’s work as an offering to God. It will also help one to maintain constant remembrance of the divine. Ayudha Puja is performed in many regions on the Mahanavami day.

In India it is customary for one to prostrate before the tools one will use before starting one’s work each day; this is an expression of gratitude to God for helping one to fulfill one’s duties. Almost all the weapons which we use in our day to day use like knife, scissors, stoves, and in factories all machineries, computers, vehicles will be cleaned and done the pooja with a request and nothing harm shall be done from these utensils and do good to everything.

The tools and all implements of vocation are first cleaned. All the tools, machines, vehicles and other devices are…

Goddess Uma, Parvati, Annapurna, Durga are Prakriti – A Parthasarathy

Uma is the consort of Shiva, the Lord of constructive destruction. Uma represents Prakriti (matter). The power of destruction has always to be associated with destructible matter in order that this power could manifest. In other words, destruction ceases to have any meaning without destructible objects. Lord Shiva has, therefore, chosen Uma to be his partner.The god and goddess are the first self-revelation of the Absolute, the male being the personification of the passive aspect and the female, the activating energy (Shakti). Goddess Parvati (Uma) represents this Universal Power (Shakti). Uma and Parvati are her Maiden names; and Mrudani and Ambika are her post-marriage names.The Goddess is also referred to as Annapurna meaning ‘Bestower of Food’ ‘Anna’, though translated as ‘food,’ has a wider connotation and includes all material objects/wealth, which are food for the five-sense organs. The Goddess is possessed of all types of ‘food’ to offer Her devotees.All the three Goddesses to…

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