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Ayroor Puthiyakavu Devi Temple In Pathanamthitta - Deity - Importance - Festival

Ayroor Puthiyakavu Devi temple is located at Ayroor village, around 11 km east of Aranmula in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. There are two important festivals in the temple the first is a 10-day festival which ends on the Bharani Nakshatra day in Makaram month. The Kettukazhcha is observed on Revathi nakshatra day in Kumbham month. The Kettukazhcha and festival is organized by the 14 karas of Ayroor and Cherukolpuzha village. The main deity worshipped in the shrine is Goddess Bhadrakali. The pratishta here is peedam. The Thiruvabharanam procession that goes Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple annually from Pandalam palace halts for a day at the temple while going and returning. The upa devatas are Ganapathy, Mayayakshi and Rakshasas. The temple is associated with the Cherukolpuzha Hindu Matha Convention.

Aymanam Narasimha Swamy Temple - Information - Gods Worshipped - Festival

Aymanam Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in Kottayam district, Kerala, and is around 6 km northwest of Kottayam railway station. The 8-day annual festival is observed in such a manner that it ends with Arattu on the Thiruvonam Nakshatra in Chingam month. The Narasimha Murti worshipped in the temple is a peaceful form and is popularly known as Aymanamathu Valiyachan. Special pujas are offered to the Yakshi worshipped in the Mandapam. The upa devatas in the temple are Garuda, Sastha, Ganapathy and Shiva. The Garuda murti stands praying in front of the Narasimha Swamy murti and therefore devotees cannot see the main murti from the Mandapam. The temple has a unique offering known as Narathala – a naivedyam prepared using coconut and rice. This is offered for early cure for breathing related diseases in children.

Amaramkavu Temple Information - Gods - Festival – Amaramkavu Vanadurga Temple Trees

Amaramkavu Temple is located at Kolani near Thodupuzha in Idukki District. The most important festival in the temple is observed on Pooram Nakshatra in Meenam month. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Vanadurga. The temple is located amidst thousands of trees. The trees and the numerous vines that crisscross across the surroundings are considered to be the body parts of Goddess Vanadurga. It is believed that Goddess is present even in the fallen leaves. The forest in and around Amaramkavu Temple is protected. The temple belonged to the Azhvanchery Thamprakkal. Amaramkavu Vanadurga Temple is the Kizhakedam of Kolani Sri Krishna Swamy Temple.

Gati in Dance as per Natyashastra and Abhinaya Darpanam – Different Ways of Walking

Gati as per Natyashastra is the different ways or speeds of walking and stepping. Type of steps, walking and the tempo are to be adopted depending upon the nature of the characters and situations. Gati can also be described as Gait - the rate of moving (especially walking or running) or a person's manner of walking or moving. Natyashastra gives separate gait for men and women. Gati adds up to the gracefulness and aesthetic value of the dane. Natyashastra also mentions the gait to be employed according to the sentiment. For example, when one is in love and walking with his or her beloved, the step should be slow and silent. Movement should be furtive and circumspect, looking around at the slightest noise, and the actor should falter in his or her steps frequently. Abhinaya Darpanam, another treatise on dance, mentions ten kinds of Gati. This is listed under Gati Bheda. They are: Hamagati – Goose Gait Mayuragati – Peacock steps Mrigagati – Movement of deer Gajalila

Shani Trayodashi 2023 Dates - Importance Of Shani Trayodashi In Hindu Religion

Shani Trayodashi is observed when Trayodashi tithi (thirteenth day of a lunar a fortnight in Hindu religion) falls on Saturday. The day is of great importance those people who believe the problems in their life is due to the bad positioning of Shani graha in horoscope. Shani Trayodashi 2023 Dates February 18 July 1 July 15 November 11 November 25 As per some scholars and some regional beliefs, to be observed as Shani Trayodashi, the tithi should be present during the night period on Saturday. Trayodashi tithi is also dedicated to Shiva. And as per Hindu Puranas, Shiva has control over the grahas thus propitiating Him will help in finding solution to Graha doshas.  What to do on Shani Trayodashi? Offer prayers Shiva, Hanuman and Shani Bhagavan. Instead of focusing on rituals and costly pujas, do constructive work that will help nature and other living beings. Fear and Shani Trayodashi There are several online sites and videos creating fear among Hindus regarding e

Use of Honey to Overcome Shani Related Troubles in Horoscope

There is a popular belief that keeping honey at home helps in warding off negative energy. Honey is also used to overcome Shani Navgrah related troubles in horoscope in many regions in India and by many communities. Keeping honey in the east and north side of house helps in keeping out negative forces. The positive energy emitted by honey keeps the house safe. There will be peace in the house. There will be cordial relationship between family members. Diseases will be kept away. If Shani is causing constant trouble in life, keeping honey at home in a small black vessel is considered helpful. Another ritual practiced is to bathe black Shivling with honey and milk on Saturday. This helps in keeping away the troubles created by Shani Bhagavan. Yet another offering made is mixing of black urad dal with curd and honey. This is offered to the Kal Bhairav form of Shiva and Shani Bhagavan on Saturday.

Can We Go To See Alliance In Aadi Month?

Aadi Month (July – August) is considered inauspicious by many Tamil communities. Activities like marriage, new openings, engagement and new alliances are avoided in this month. So, can we go to see alliance in Aadi month? No, is the majority answer, but things have changed now and many people do not follow the Aadi do’s and don’ts strictly. It is now mostly decided by community following. If your region or community follows it then you can follow it. Traditionally, most people avoid auspicious ceremonies during this period. It is believed that the ceremonies held during this period will not have the blessings of the gods.  It is believed that Lord Surya (Sun god) changes his direction from north to south in the Aadi month. The next six months from Aadi to Margazhi is the Dakshinayana punyakalam – symbolically the night time of the Devas.

Ayyankovil Sree Dharma Sastha Temple At Amballur In Ernakulam - History - Festival

Ayyankovil Sree Dharmasastha Temple is located at Amballur in Ernakulam district in Kerala. The annual festival in the temple is observed on the Uthram Nakshatra day in Kumbham Month. Ayyankovil Sree Dharmasastha temple is unique as Ayyappa and his spouse Prabha is installed on the same peedam in the sanctum sanctorum. This ancient temple belonged to Parukuduthi Menons who served the king of Kochi. Legend has it that one Paravur Thamburan got killed by the Parukuduthi family and the Thamburan became a Rakshas. He started troubling the family and the people in the region. When the troubles created by the Rakshas became intolerable he was forcefully consecrated on a Suryanarayana bhimbam in the temple.

Ayyankuzhikavu Sastha Temple Near Neyyattinkara - History - Gods - Festival

Ayyankuzhikavu Sastha Temple is located at Kollayil near Neyyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram. The annual festival in the temple is observed for 5 days in such a manner that it ends on Makaravilakku. The temple is one among the 108 temples mentioned in Thottam Pattu. It is referred to as Kuzhikkattu kavu in the Thottam Pattu. It is believed that the entire area in and around the temple was forest and the murti of Bhagavan was installed in a big trench. Even today the temple is located in a big trench. The main deity is Sastha who faces west. The sreekovil is four cornered. The main subsidiary deities in the temple are Ganapathy and Sarpam (Naga).

Mataji Vanamali Teachings And Quotes

A collection of teachings and quotes of Mataji Vanamali. Is there no hope for the individual? Can he never escape from the cage he is in? Hinduism says that the only escape is to free ourselves from the constraints of the body-mind-intellect cage in which we all live. Then enter the realm of the Atman, which alone can be said to be free from all constraints. The enlightened soul alone can be said to have free will for he is not being imposed by an external agent but only by the freedom of his own soul. Like the child reveling on the beach, playing with sand, making castles which will be swept away by the sea, the liberated soul is bound by nothing. He takes orders only from the Divine within him and none will dare to question him.