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Chandra Grahan 2021 In India – Lunar Eclipse Dates And Time In 2021 In India – Chandra Grahanam

Chandra Grahan 2021 dates based on Hindu calendar – India Standard Time. There are two lunar eclipses – Chandra Grahan – in 2021. The Chandra Grahan on May 26 and November 19, 2021 are observed in India but not visible as it takes place in afternoon and evening. Detail dates of all Chandra Grahanam in 2021 with time and map are given below: Chandra Grahan on May 26, 2021 - Total Lunar Eclipse (Visible In India) It takes place in India too (not visible as it is in the evening) The moon will be covered starting from 3:15 PM on May 26 to 6:22 PM on May 26. Total Lunar Eclipse Time in India is from 4:39 PM on May 26 to 4:57 PM on May 26. Mid Eclipse is at 4:49 PM Hindu Panchangam have marked this graham and all rituals will be followed including closure of temples. Visible in East Asia, Australia, Pacific and South America. (You can get complete detail of this grahan here ) Chandra Grahan on November 19, 2021 - Partial Lunar Eclipse (Visible In India) It takes place in In

Vishnu Deepam in Tamil Nadu - Significance - Sokka Panai in Vishnu Temples on Kartik Purnima in 2023

The full moon day in the Tamil month of Karthigai is observed as Vishnu Deepam by Lord Vishnu devotees (Vaishnavites). Vishnu Deepam is celebrated by lighting bonfire known as Sokka Panai in Vishnu shrines. In 2023, the date of Vishnu Deepam is November 26. The day is popularly known as Karthigai Deepam – when all houses and temples will be decorated with oil lamps after sunset. The reason for the festival is based on Lord Vamana (Lord Trivikrama ) incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vamana sending King Bali to the underworld is the basis of Vishnu Deepam. It is said that the two steps of Lord Vamana are the Uttarayan and vernal equinox. And the third step which sends Bali to the underworld is the autumn equinox. The bonfire lit on Vishnu Deepam remembers this event. Vishnu Deepam is also observed as Yanai Pandigai by some communities in South India .

Amaravila Rameswaram Sri Mahadeva Temple - Important Information - Gods - Festival

Amaravila Rameswaram Sri Mahadeva Temple is located near Neyyattinkara on the Amaravila – Dhanuvachapuram route in Thiruvananthapuram District.  The annual festival in Amaravila Rameswaram Sri Mahadeva Temple is held in such a way that the 10-day festival ends with Arattu on the Thiruvathira Nakshatra day in Dhanu month. Another important festival observed in the temple is Mahashivratri. On this day Pongala is offered to Goddess Parvati. The temple is famous for pitru tarpanam on Karkidaka Vavu in Karkidakam month (July – August). Karkidaka Vavu observed on Amavasya day is the annual Shradh Pitru Tarpan day in Kerala. Amaravila Rameswaram Sri Mahadeva Temple Facts The temple is located on the banks of Neyyar River in Kollayil Village. This is one among the 108 Shiva temples consecrated by Parashurama. This is the southernmost Shiva temple consecrated by Parashurama. There is also a belief that the murti of Shiva worshipped here was installed by Bhagavan Sri Rama. The murti worshipped i

Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple - Story - Information - Festival

Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple is located at Delampadi village in Kasaragod District. The annual festival in the temple is known as Meena Sankrama Utsavam. It is observed from 27 day of Kumbham month for 5 days. It is believed that Arjuna received Pashupatastra in this temple. The abhishekam is not performed to the main deity in the shrine who is known as Mahalingeshwara. It is performed on another vigraha. The sanctum sanctorum here is three tiered and is known as gaja prishta sreekovil. Vishnu, Ganapati, Rakteshwari, Kinnimani are the subsidiary deities. Three time puja is held in the shrine and the main offering is Kadalipazham. Rudrabhishekam is very important in the temple.

Adukathu Temple At Malom – Balal In Kasargod - Kannadi Bimbam - Festival

 Adukathu Temple is a Durga temple located at Malom – Balal near Kasargod in Kerala. The annual festival in the temple is observed from Medam 8 for three days. Navratri in September – October is another important festival in the shrine. The unique aspect of the shrine is that the deity is in the form of Kannadi Bimbam (Mirror Murti). Kshetrapalaka in the temple has equal importance as the main deity. The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Chamundi, Ayyappa and Gulikan. Please note that another famous Mahishasura Mardini temple in Kasargod District is also known as Adukathu Bhagavathy temple or Adukalathu Bhagavathy temple and this temple is famous for Amakullam or a pond with tortoises.

Why Thirumangai Alvar Is Also Known As Naalu kavi Perumal?

Thirumangai Alvar is the last of the 12 Alvar saints of South India, they are the very famous poet saints in Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism. He was also known as Naalu Kavi Perumal. There are four types of poets: Asu kavi — the spontaneous poet; madhura kavi — one whose verses are pleasing; vistaara kavi — one whose poetry is elaborate chitra kavi — one whose words come together to form an image. Thirumangai Alvar could compose in all four genres and was, therefore called Naalu kavi Perumal. His Thiruvezhukoottrirukkai, in praise of Lord Aravamudhan, the deity of Kumbakonam, falls in the category of ratha bandham, and it is because of this work that he is considered a chitra kavi. In this work, he uses words that represent numerals, to form a chariot. He uses the numerals in ascending and descending order to build the ratha of words. Thirumangai Azhvar’s ratha of words, can be represented in a figure as a ratha with seven decks. He cleverly describes and praises

What Should Be Weight Of Silver Kada For Astrological Benefit?

The weight of the silver kada for astrological benefit should be between 7 grams and 41 grams. If you are making silver kada then opt for 7, 21, or 41 grams. Another option is 108 grams. The silver kada for mental and physical strength should be of 108 grams. The kada for financial solutions and money related matters should not be less than 40 grams. The kada for love and other relationship matters should between 15 grams and 25 grams.

Narayana Temple At Udaipur Near Chamba In Himachal Pradesh

Narayana Temple is located at Udaipur village which is around 8 km from Chamba town in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is small but fascinating and noted for its carvings. The temple is built in memory of Raja Udai Singh and his brother Lakshman Singh, both of whom were assassinated at Udaipur by court officials. The shrine has a Devi flanked by the king and his brother. Within the shrine is a stone slab, sometimes identified as a Sati stone commemorating the women who died with the king. The carvings on the walls of the temple are remarkably well preserved. The greatest attraction of the temple is its pastoral setting straight out from a rural cinema.

Which Is The Best Time To Bring Ganesha Home?

Ganesha murti or vigraha (idol) can be brought to home during any time of the year but on a specific date. So, which is the best time to bring Ganesha home? The best time to bring Ganesha home is on Tuesday, Chaturthi tithis in a month and during Ganesh Chaturthi. The time should be Pradosh Kaal – 1.5 hours before sunset. You can also bring Ganesha home when there is Swathi Nakshatra present. Another good time to bring Ganesha home is from 12:00 PM to 12:40 PM on all days of the week except Wednesdays. Always bring permanent Ganesha home made using metal or clay. The murti brought during the annual Ganesh Chaturthi festival should be made of clay.

Sri Ramakrishna On Him Seeing Lord Rama

Ramlala is Lord Rama as a small boy. Sri Ramakrishna use to see Ramlala. Sri Ramakrishna told his disciples about his vision of Lord Rama: I actually saw – just as I see you before me – that Ramlala accompanied me dancing, now preceding, now following me. Sometimes he importuned to be carried in my lap. Again, when I took him on my lap, he would by no means remain there. He would go down to run hither and thither, collect flowers in thorny jungles or go to the Ganga to swim and splash water there. I said over and over again, ‘My child, don’t do that, you will get blisters on your soles if you run in the sun; do not remain in water so long, you will catch cold and get fever.’ But he did not give ear to my words, however much I might forbid him. Unconcerned he went on with his pranks as if I was speaking to someone else. He would sometimes grin and look at me with his two eyes, beautiful like the petals of a lotus, or carry on his pranks with a vengeance. He would pout b