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Trichambaram Utsavam 2023 Date - Trichambaram Temple Festival In Kumbham Month

The annual 14-day festival in the famous Trichambaram Temple is noted for Thidambu Nritham. The utsavam begins on the 22nd day of Kumbha Masam with the ceremonial flag hoisting (kodiyettam) and comes to end with Koodipirial ritual on 6th day Meena masam. Trichambaram Utsavam 2023 date is March 6 to March 20. The main event during the festival revolves around the arrival of Balarama from another temple of partaking in the festival and finally his departure.  On the first day, the image of Lord Balarama (elder brother of Bhagavan Krishna) is brought to the temple in a grand procession from nearby Dharmakulam temple. The festivals days are marked by the performance of the religious dance, Thidambu nritham, in front of Pookoth Nada in the temple. On the thirteenth day of annual festival, Pallivetta (holy hunt ceremony) takes place and the next day the ceremonial bath (aarattu) takes place. Finally, the heart touching Kootti Poriyal ceremony (March 20, 2023) happens, which represents

Geocentric Positions Or Longitudes Of The Planets – Sighra Phala In Hinduism

Sighra Phala in Hinduism refers to the geocentric positions or longitudes of the planets. Sighra Kendra and Sighra phala are used in geocentric calculations of planets and indicate true anomaly and correction, respectively. Sighra Kendra is the angle subtended by the planet to the line joining the Earth and the Sun and is equal to the heliocentric longitude of the planet minus the heliocentric longitude of the Earth. Inantar means elongation and sighra kama is the angle made by the geometric radius vector of the planet to bhu chal trijya (initial line of the Earth). Sighra Kendra is the sum of sighra phala will be the difference between sighra Kendra and inantara. Inantara will also be equal to the difference between half sighra Kendra (C) minus the angle subtended by a parallel line of sighra Kendra (B). Hence sighra phala will be the sum of half sighra Kendra and the above angle B. This correction is true for superior planets (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), and for i

Hariyupiya In Vedas

Hariyupiya is a place mentioned in Rig Veda (VI.27.5). The hymn carrying the word Hariyupiya runs as follows: “Indra killed the survivors of Varasikha in order to help Chayamana. When Indra slew those of Vrcivant’s at front of Hariyupiya, the others behind dispersed in fear.” Sayana says Hariyupiya was either a river or a city. However, if taken as a river, the expressions “at the front and at the back” are difficult to explain and interpret. We never come across the front or the back of a river mentioned in this way. Usually, the banks of a river are mentioned. Therefore, Hariyupiya here most likely stands for a city of the name and not a river. This argument is strengthened by the fact that in the next hymn a city named Yavyavati has been mentioned. According to Sayana, Yavyavati is the name as Hariyupiya. However, if that is the case, then there seems to be no reason for changing the name of the city in the very next verse. Besides, the purpose of the hymn is to descr

Wife And Husband Quarreling Is Rudraksha Useful

Rudraksha started out as a spiritual tool for devotees to attain concentration. But the bead is so powerful that it has been found to solve various problems in life. So, is Rudraksha useful in stopping the quarreling between wife and husband? Many devotees have this doubt. Using 7 mukhi natural Rudraksha is helpful in solving relationship issues. Especially those related to wife and husband. The Rudraksha should be worn by the person wishing to solve the issues. It should be worn on Monday evening just before sunset. Along with Rudraksha the person should also try to realize what his or her faults are and make honest attempt to correct them. Rudraksha is powerful tool that will bless you with positive energy.

Upcoming Hindu Festivals in December 2020 – Hindu Vrat – Fasting – Rituals in December 2020

Dates of important upcoming festivals and fasting associated with Hinduism in December 2020 – based on major Hindu calendars and Panchang used in India. The festivals, Vrats and ritual days are based on Indian Standard Time (IST). Hindu Vrat – Fasting - Festivals December 2020 December 1 – Margashirsh Month/Aghan Month begins in North India calendars  December 3 – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat moonrise time is at 8:29 PM December 7 – Kal Bhairav Ashtami December 10 – Utpanna Ekadashi Smarta Vrat December 11 – Utpanna Ekadashi Vaishnav Vrat December 11 – Triprayar Ekadashi in Kerala December 12 – Shani Pradosh Vrat December 13 – Shiv Chaturdashi Vrat – Monthly Shivratri Fasting December 14 –Amavasya – Somvati Amavasya as it is Monday December 15 – Margashirsh month begins in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Goa December 16 – Dhanu Masam begins in Malayalam Calendars December 16 – Margazhi Masam begins in Tamil Calendars December 16 –

Break The Cage And Be Free

Be a lion, be a lion, break the cage and be free! Take a big jump and the work is done! (Swami Turiyananda, a direct-disciple of Sri Ramakrishna). Indeed, down the ages, men of God have always given the call for love, compassion, and spiritual courage. But somehow, we, the people on the street, have chosen to be deaf and we continue to live in our multi-layered cages: the cage we are born with – body, mind, ego, and samskaras; the cage we have constructed for ourselves – identities born of relationships with people, ideas, things, and places; and the cage forged for us by the world – situations, and circumstances.   The consequence of living in these cages are violence, debased sense gratifications, and false sense of happiness and goodness. The irony is that most of us do not even recognise the cage as an imprisonment. We accept our condition as a natural state of life and are happy to enjoy the ‘freedom’ of pacing around in the cage! We spend our energies in polishin