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Azhakodi Devi Temple In Kozhikode - Important Facts - Gods - Festival

Azhakodi Devi temple is located a kilometer north of private bus stand in Kozhikode in Kerala. The 8-day annual festival is observed in such a way that the festival ends with Arattu on the Punartham Nakshatra in Medam month. The temple is dedicated to Bhadrakali. An important subsidiary deities in the temple is Sasthavu. Other subsidiary deities are Anthimahakalan, Unnitripuranthakan, Venugopalan, Ganapathya and Dakshinamurthy. The main deity faces east. There is small grove on the east side of the shrine and Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is worshipped here. After the noon pooja (uccha puja) in the main temple, the priest should visit the Bhuvaneshwari temple and then again perform the uccha puja in the main temple. Then only the puja will be complete. It is believed that Bhuvaneshwari here was the kalari devata of Tiruthiyadaruvar. The Sastha in the temple is believed to have been the main deity before. Kanalattam using 41 pieces of jackfruit tree wood was performed earlier before S

After Completing One Vrat How Many Days After We Will Start The Same Vrat

 After completing one vrat for how many days should one wait before starting the same vrat. The best option is to wait for 7 or 21 or 41 days. Some people never stop doing a vrat for example like Ekadashi, Pradosh or Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat. The reason for Vrat in Hinduism is to give the mind and body an opportunity to cleanse both internally and externally. The body uses the vrat day to throw out toxins. The mind uses it to throw out negative energy and fill it with positivity. Even science has now started understanding the health benefits of fasting once in a fortnight. So you can decide how many days you want to take break before starting the same vrat or a different vrat. Always remember more than the vrat process what matters is unwavering devotion and single-minded focus.

How To Congratulate On Completion Of Vrat?

This question was from a reader – How to congratulate on completion of Vrat? You don’t congratulate a person on completion of vrat but you bless them. The best way to do it by giving them the ashwirad or blessing that let their desire be fulfilled. Or you can simply say that all prayers on the completion of vrat and let there be peace and prosperity. Whatever you wished to achieve through the vrat let it be fulfilled with the help of your personal deity or bhagvan. I will always remember when I pray.

April 1st How To Do Pooja For Account Opening In Office

The puja is to be performed in the morning along with sunrise or in the evening during the Pradosh period (1.5 hours before sunset). On day wake up at sunrise take bath and offer prayers to Ganesha. Sit facing the northeast corner of the office or business establishment. Keep an image of Goddess Lakshmi and the account book or tablet or whatever you use to keep the account.  Light lamp using pure cow ghee. Offer yellow flowers. Offer sandalwood paste. Light natural agarbatti of yellow flowers or sandalwood. Offer yellow color fruit. You can also make yellow color sweet and distribute it. Draw swastik or tilak on the chandan book. Write om in the book or whatever you write regularly first in the book. Keep a yellow color flower in the book.  Chant this mantra 108 times ॐ   श्रीं   हीं   क्लीं   महालक्षम्यौ   नम : Om shreem hreem kleem Mahalakshmayo Namaha In a yellow color cloth keep a coin, yellow color chandan, yellow flower, mustard seeds and 7 clove. Tie up the cloth and

Reason For Rice Offerings To Crows During Rituals To Dead In Hindu Religion

Cooked rice is offered to crows during rituals dedicated to the departed souls known as pind daan or shradh in Hindu religion. The belief is that pitrs or dead ancestors and relatives in the form of crows come and eat the rice offered. The story as to why crows have the right to eat the rice offerings offered to dead ancestors and parents is found in the Uttara Ramayana. Legend has it that once a king named Marutta performed a huge ritual named Maheshwara Sattara. Indra and all other demigods attended the ritual. Yama, the god of death, was also present at the function. Ravana, the demon king, who heard about the assembly of the gods, visited the ritual with the intention of attacking the unarmed Devas. Devas who came to know about the arrival of Ravana and his army fled the ritual arena assuming the forms of different birds. Yama took the form of a crow and escaped from the area. Yama was pleased with the crow form. He then gave crows the boon that when humans wor

If Rudraksha Soaked In Milk Overnight Does It Lose Power Or Changes Shape

There are so many doubts regarding Rudraksha, on such doubt is Rudraksha soaked in milk. Some people want to know if Rudraksha soaked in milk overnight lose power or changes shape. No, if the Rudraksha is real nothing will happen to it. But if the Rudraksha is fake then you can expect some color change or slight change of shape. Some might even turn the milk to brown or red or black. Original Rudraksha never loses its power in water, milk or other similar liquids. It is better to purchase Rudraksha from famous and original source. 

Thayumanavar Quotes

The dualistic approach which spiritual aspirants make use of at the start, progressively leads to Perfection, and unity with the Supreme Being. The experience of the Enlightened has declared this approach to be sensible and true and in agreement with spiritual teachings. All saints accept this dualistic approach to monism. If I regard Thee as my True Self, surely in due course I must become That. Thou wilt Grace me in whatever form I worship Thee in my heart. There is no lack of paths, therefore, to realize Thee. ………………. Dear Ones, the householder who controls his mind is indeed a Mahayogi, while the ascetic who allows himself to be enslaved by the senses remains ignorant. The detached heart considers both home life and ascetic life as sacred. ……………….. What is THAT which cannot be said to be dwelling ‘here’ or ‘there’, but illumines all as light — and being of the essence of Grace imparts perfect Bliss? What is THAT which has brought forth all the millions of worlds