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Sankarankulangara Bhagavathi Temple Vela Festival In Thrissur

The annual vela festival in the Sankarankulangara Bhagavathi temple is observed in the Dhanu Masam. Sankarankulangara Temple vela festival 2023 date is January 1. The annual temple festival is famous for elephant procession and other similar displays associated with festivals in the Thrissur District in Kerala. The festival is observed on the first Sunday in January. A major highlight during the festival is the fireworks. There is also a colorful procession which includes traditional art forms. Traditional temple music is part of the festival. The thidambu of Bhagavathi is taken atop a caparisoned elephant. The shrine is dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga. The prathishta dinam in the temple is held in Malayalam Meena Masam (March - April).

Mantra For Quick Marriage – Powerful Surya Mantra For Marriage

In this age devotion and chanting of mantra can help in desire fulfillment. Here is a quick mantra for marriage. The popular belief is that chanting this powerful Surya mantra will help in early marriage. Mantra For Quick Marriage ॐ ह्रीं घृणि सूर्य आदित्य : श्रीं ह्रीं मह्यं लक्ष्मीं प्रयच्छ। Om Hreem Ghrni Surya Aditya Shreem Hreem Mahyam Lakshmim Prayach The mantra should be chanted early morning looking at the rising sun. The person chanting the mantra should wear orange color dress. Water along with tulsi leaves should be offered to sun before beginning the mantra. The mantra should be chanted 108 times. The mantra should be chanted for 41 days.

Samvarta Smriti – Important – Contents

Samvarta smriti is a upa smriti or minor code of conduct in 217 verses. Samvarta smriti was composed by Samvarta in response to the queries of certain sages who approached him for instruction. The work confines itself to; prescriptions for the four stages of life of a student, householder, hermit and mendicant; food regulations for them; pollution on the death of relatives; and expiatory penance for sins. However, rules of Samvarta on subjects other than these, such as vyavahara (legal processes), rajadharma (polity), ahnika (daily worship), possession of property and cognizable offenses are quoted by commentators like Vishwarupa, Medhatithi, Haradatta ad Apararka, and also in dharma nibandhas. Moreover Samvarta Smriti was included in the list of lawgivers by the ancient lawgiver Yajnavalkya. It has, therefore, been surmised that the available Samvarta Smriti is a redaction of certain topics from a larger work of Samvarta. Samvarta Smriti gives prescriptio

Bali Tharpanam At Pamba River In Sabarimala – Offerings Made To Dead Relatives At Pamba

Pamba River which follows through the base of Sabarimala Mountain is considered as holy as Ganga River . Performing Bali Tharpanam on the banks of Pampa is considered highly meritorious. Annually Ayyappa devotees who visit the Sabarimala Temple do Bali Tharpanam to dead parents, relatives and ancestors. The Bali Tharpanam is performed at Triveni – the Pamba River , Kallar and Njunagar meet here. Performing Tharpanam is like performing it at Prayag the confluence of Saraswati, Ganga and Yamuna in Allahabad . Legend has it that Lord Ayyappa performed Tharpanam for the warriors who died in the war against Maravapada at Triveni. Some people perform Tarpanam in memory of this incident.

Sashti Fasting Food – What can be eaten on Muruga Shasti fasting day?

Sashti fasting is dedicated to Muruga (also known as Kartikeya or Subrahmanya or Skanda). It is observed on the sixth day during the waxing phase of moon. Those who observe strict Sashti fasting do not eat any food on the day. Other people eat rice offering from temple and fruits. Tea, coffee etc are avoided on the fasting day. Sashti fasting ritual begins on the day before Shasti – Panchami day. Only a single meal is eaten on Panchami day. This is usually a single vegetarian meal. On the Sashti day puja is performed in a Murugan Temple . Cooked rice which is offered in Murugan temple is consumed on the day. Those observing partial fast eat fruits. The fasting period is from sunrise to next day morning sunrise.

Gujarati Calendar 2021 Online – Download Traditional Calendar of Gujarat 2021 - Vikram Samvat 2077 - 2078

This Gujarati Calendar 2021 followed in Gujarat in India is provided for free by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. Please note that this calendar is as per Gujarat Vikram Samvat 2077 – 2078. The 2021 Gujarati Calendar contains important festivals and auspicious dates in Gujarat and uses Gujarati language to mention tithi, fasting, festival details and Sud and Vad Paksha in a traditional Gujarati Month. This Gujarat calendar of 2020 is not in pdf format. But you can save the webpage and use it. You can download it here at the official website of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha .

Goddess Harita – About Hindu Goddess Harita Gauri

Harita is a form of Goddess Gauri, the consort of Shiva, when she becomes the mother of Lord Ganesha. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati chose Shiva as her husband, even after hearing the contrary decision of her father, to get her married to Vishnu. To achieve her goal, she left her house and observed vrata (penance) in the forest, along with her friends. The firm resolve and true devotion made her achieve her goal. The day on which Gauri observed her vrata is worshipped and celebrated as Haritalika, which falls on the third day of Bhadrapada month. Another legend says that Gauri decorated herself with haritala (turmeric) and so she is called Harita Gauri. The day on which she removed her turmeric application and cast it into an idol was birth of Ganesha. It is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi. The name Harita is also found in scriptures where she is identified as the power of Hari (Vishnu). She is also worshipped as the Goddess of prosperity, greenery and vegetation.

Why Is The Mind One Day Wearing A Happy Mask And The Next Day A Sad Mask

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad declares that Purusha, the cosmic soul, has entered into all different bodies. One day the mind is wearing a happy mask and the next day it is wearing a sad mask. When we are identified with our body, emotions, and mind, our individuality is constantly changing. The holiday of Halloween is very relevant to Vedanta. The soul is all the time playing Halloween and wearing masks. We have passed through so many lives, so many masks, and so many cultural customs. This play with so many masks is fun sometimes, no doubt, but in comparison with our real Self, it is nothing. The Self is the totality. The sense of existence, knowledge, and joy comes from the Self. Our constant companion is our own truth. The Self is the ground of our very existence. It is our Self that is appearing as a dog or a cat or a man or a woman. It seems like it is something that is very difficult to comprehend: ‘I am the Purusha, the cosmic soul.’ The Self is often described as ananda, j