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Thalayolaparambu Ayyankovil Temple Festival

Ayyankovil Temple is located at Thalayolaparambu in Kottayam District in Kerala. The annual festival in the temple is observed on the Uthram nakshatra in Malayalam medam month. The main deities worshipped in the temple are Ayyappa and Vishnu (Goshala Krishnan). Goshala Krishnan faces east and Ayyappa faces west. The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhadrakali and Nandurga. A unique offering to Bhadrakali here is narathala – a preparation made using rice and jaggery. Ayyappa is offered ada without jaggery on all Saturdays.

What Will Happen When We Donate Dress To Poor On Amavasya?

The question what will happen when we donate dress to poor on Amavasya was asked by a reader. Donation and charity performed at any time and day is highly meritorious as per Hinduism. As per astrologers donating dress on Amavasya will help in attaining peace and prosperity. It will also help in early cure to long term diseases. The best charity is that which is performed without thinking about the fruit of it. Do not wait for ill luck or diseases to perform charity. Do little bit you can whenever possible.

Sani Peyarchi 2020 Date and Time – Transition of Shani or Saturn as per Tamil Astrology - Shani Peyarachi 2020 to 2023

Sani Peyarchi or transition of Saturn is the movement of Shani from one ‘rashi’ or zodiac to another. Shani is also referred as Shanaischaraya, Shaneeshwara and Shani Deva and is the son of Lord Surya and Chhaya. Sani Peyarchi 2020 is on December 27. In 2020, Shani transits from Dhanu (Sagittarius) to Makar or Capricorn on December 27 (Indian Standard Time) at 5:22 AM. Lord Shani will remain there for next two and half years till 2023. This date is based on Vakkiyam Calendar which is followed by  Thirunallar   Shani   Temple. If you are a believer in Hindu Astrology, then this transition is bound to have some impact on your fortunes. The effect is mainly on people born on certain ‘rasis’ or zodiacs. To know the effects of the transition of Shani the ideal method will be to consult a learned astrologer. During Shani Peyarchi, people in large numbers visit Lord Shani shrines especially in Tamil Nadu. Special poojas are conducted on the day at the Lord Shani Dharbaranyeswara

Self In Bondage – Saiva Siddhanta Teaching

The self in bondage is referred to as Pashu in Saiva Siddhanta. As per Shaiva Siddhanta teaching, the self is eternal. It has different states of existence: Disembodied state before birth. Here it dwells in darkness due to the radical impurity called anava (ego). Embodied condition after birth where it is bound by its moral deserts and the material world of maya. The self here experiences good and bad and undergoes the five states of walking state, dream state, deep sleep, a long and deeper sleep, waking from which one does not recall how long he has been sleeping, and lastly the transcendental condition, where even the movement of vital airs or life breath is stilled. The self develops relationships either with Shiva (sat) or the products of asat (mundane world). Hence it acquires the qualities with which it is attached at the moment. This type of ambiguous combination is called sat-asat or real-unreal. In other words, the atma when in the company of the permanent real

Yam Mantra In Hindi And English – Benefits Of Yamraj Mantra - How To Chant?

Yam Mantra is chanted to overcome untimely death in the family. It is chanted on the thirteenth day or trayodashi tithi – two days before Amavasya or the no moon day. Here is the Yam Mantra in Hindi and English. मृत्युना पाशहस्तेन कालेन भार्यया सह। त्रयोदश्यां दीपदानात्सूर्यज : प्रीतयामिति।। Mrityuna Pashahastane Kalen Bhayirya Saha Trayodashyam Depdanatsuraj Preetayamiti Benefits Of Yamraj Mantra The sole of aim of chanting this mantra is to make sure that no untimely death takes place in the family. It is also chanted to overcome the fear of death. How To Chant Yam Mantra? The mantra has to be chanted on Krishna Paksha Trayodashi tithi or the thirteenth day during the waning or dark phase of moon at night. A lamp should be lit at night after all family members have gone to sleep. The lamp is to be lit in the southern direction. The one wick lamp should lit using mustard oil or sarson ka tel. The person light the lamp should chant the mantra 13 times. Then clo

Focus on the one thing that you can do now

Focus on the one thing that you can do now. This will help in overcoming the illusion of the problem. When your attention is fully in the present, it will mitigate future problems. Taking action now with a true intention is the best possible way to overcome problems. Stop carrying the burden of the future problem. Instead, focus on now and get rid of all problems. When we are able to create no more pain for ourselves, we no longer create pain for others. And this is only possible when we have control over our desires. The root cause of all problems is insatiable desires and unwanted attachments. Focusing on too many things and giving importance to all that you read and see only creates confusion in life. Keep it simple and stay away from negativity. There are people who survive on problems. For them, life without problems is like taking the fish out of the water. They love problems and it is as if their whole life is dependent on it. This is because from a young age we