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Sri Krishna and Narakasura – The Story of Narakasura Vadha

Story of Sri Krishna and Narakasura is found in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. Naraka Chaturdasi or Diwali in South India is based on the Narakasura Vadha story. Legend has it that Demon Naraka, the son of Bhumi Devi, with the help of a boon from Brahma became very powerful. The boon was that he could only be killed by his mother Bhumi Devi. With such immense power Naraka lost his self control and his ego took over him. He started harassing people and demigods. He also forcibly took away the earrings of Aditi, the mother of devas. Finally, the task of annihilating Naraka fell on  Krishna . As always, a clever Lord Krishna asked his wife Satyabhama, an incarnation of Bhumi Devi, to accompany him to the battle against Naraka and be his charioteer. The battle between Naraka and  Krishna  shook the entire world. During the battle, an arrow hits  Krishna  and he acts being unconscious. Satyabhama could not tolerate this and she took the bow and arrow of  Krishna  and kill

How Many Days To Put Cotton Garland To Lord Ganesha?

 This is a regular query – how many days to put cotton garland to Lord Ganesha? There are no specific rules regarding this but the generally followed pattern is 7, 10, 21 or 42 or 108 days. The best option is 21 day. This will help in desire fulfillment. It also helps in overcoming troubles and stoppages in life and activities. The best day to start putting garland is Tuesday and Chaturthi (the fourth day of a fortnight).

Azhikkal Mallikarjuna Temple Festival Near Vypin Kochi

Azhikkal Mallikarjuna temple is located at Elamkunnapuzha village in Ernakulam District in Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is on Vypin Munambam Road Kochi. The annual festival is observed in such a way that the kodiyettam takes place one Atham nakshatra in Medam month and the festival ends with Arattu on Anizham nakshatra day. Shiva, along with Goddess Parvati, is worshipped here in the form of Mallikarjuna. The murti worshipped in the temple was brought by Goud Saraswat Brahmin families who ran away from Goa to escape the prosecution of Portuguese. The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Ganapati, Murugan, Bhagavati, Sasthavu, Mahavishnu and Nagarajavu. The person who brought the murti of Mallikarjuna in the 16 th century also has a spot in the temple. The temple is managed by Azhikkal Kudumbi Mahajana Sabha.

Diwali Ganesh Puja - Mantra

Ganesh puja is dedicated to Ganesha and is performed usually in the evening on Deepavali day. Diwali Ganesh Puja 2023 date is November 12. On the day, Laxmi Pooja and Ganesh Puja are performed for attracting spiritual richness and prosperity. Some people also perform Kuber Puja. Diwali Ganesh Puja Mantra ॐ नमो गणपतये कुबेर येकद्रिको फट् स्वाहा। Om Namo Ganpataye Kuber Yekdriko Phat Swaha. Ganesha is the first god to be worshipped before any puja, ritual or festival. A puja to be complete it should begin with Ganesh puja. Ganesha puja is performed during Diwali to make sure that there will be no problems in life during the next year. Ganesh also blessed devotees with peace and prosperity. He provides the right intelligence to overcome worldly issues. 

For a Good Father Son - Daughter Relationship

Quite often fathers have problems with their children. It is true that mothers also have problems with their children but that is bit different – that we will explore in another article. Here are few points for a good father – son – daughter relationship. There should be empathy in a father – son – daughter relationship. Father should be able to recognize and feel the emotion of his son or daughter. When you empathize, a strong bond is forged and this can weather any storm. The relationship should be such that both of them should have no secrets. Your child should be able to share anything with you. Openness and trust is the backbone of a relationship. An atmosphere of mutual trust should be developed between the father, son and daughter. Body language should be cordial and never miss an opportunity to hug or kiss and share the feelings. Heart to heart connect is more important. You should always be an inspiration. Never make your son or daughter feel that they are a burden. Ne