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Yupa – Sacrificial Post In Hindu Rituals

Yupa is basically sacrificial post in Hindu rituals but it has more symbol and meaning in various Hindu scriptures. As per Aitareya Brahmana (II.1), yupa, the sacrificial post, is described as a bestower of food, prosperity, happiness, brilliance, splendor and dwelling in heaven. The term yupa is derived from the root ‘yu’, which means to bind with unadi suffix ‘pa’ (kuyubhyam a – Unadi III.27). Bhattoji Dikshita explain it more clearly in Siddhanta Kaumudi – yupa is a sacrificial stake to which the item of sacrifice is attached. Satapatha Brahmana (I.6.2.1) states that Bhagavan effaced the traces of sacrifice with the sacrificial post so it is called Yupa. Aitareya Brahmana (II.1) narrates as a legend on the erection of yupa which says that God obstructed men and seers from tracking the world of heaven by means of sacrificial post. Sanskrit lexicons record the term yupa as a synonym of a consecrated pillar (samskrta stambha). According to etymologists, the God of herbs, Vanaspat

Upanayana Muhurat 2021 - Good Date and Time in North India for Upanayanam in 2021

Upanayan dates in 2021 based on calendars and Panchang in North India. Hindus who strictly follow the Muhurat or Astrology, perform Upanayanam during auspicious time and astrologically correct days. Below given are the Upanayana Muhurat dates in 2021. It is based on Calendars and Panchang followed in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jammu and Kashmir. All dates are based on Indian Standard Time. Upanayana Muhurat 2021 January 2021 – no dates February 2021 – no dates March 2021 – March 13 April 2021 – April 2 and April 29 May 2021 – May 21 and May 30 June 2021 – June 20 and June 21 July 2021 – No Upanayan dates August 2021 – No Upanayan dates September 2021 – No Upanayan dates October 2021 – No Upanayan dates November 2021 – No Upanayan dates December 2021 – No Upanayan dates.

Sex Is Natural And Not A Sin In Hinduism

Sex thoughts are natural and do not try to suppress them in the name of religion and spirituality. Sanatana Dharma does not negate the pleasure from physical intimacy. Sex is an important aspect of life on earth as per Hinduism. Hindu religion does not consider sex as sin. And stop taking permission and advice from religion regarding sex. There are some Gurus who give this teaching – look only at the feet of a woman. Guess, these Gurus have not heard about foot fetish. No idea as to what advice they give to a woman regarding where to look. Please do not listen to such Gurus because they are asking you to suppress a natural urge. You will either become depressed or a sex addict or end in the mental asylum. The most beautiful thing in this world is falling in love and making love to your partner. You become complete then. You are becoming Shiva and Shakti – Krishna and Radha. In the heights of natural lovemaking, you become totally unaware of duality. You merge in the Supreme.