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Upcoming Hindu Festivals in September 2020 – Hindu Vrat – Fasting – Rituals in September 2020

Dates of important upcoming festivals and fasting associated with Hinduism in September 2020 – based on major Hindu calendars and Panchang used in India. The festivals, Vrats and ritual days are based on Indian Standard Time (IST). Hindu Vrat – Fasting - Festivals September 2020 September 1 – Anant Chaturdashi – Ganesh Visarjan September 2 – Purnima Vrat September 2 – Purnima – full moon day September 2– Pitru Paksha Shradh fortnight begins September 3 – Nija Ashwin month begins in calendars followed in North India September 5 – Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat moonrise time is at 8:55 PM September 9 – 16-day Mahalakshmi Vrat ends in North India September 9 – Kalashtami September 11 – Avidhava Navami September 11 – Jivitputrika Vrat September 13 – Ekadasi Fasting September 15 – Pradosh Vrat September 15 – Monthly Shiv Chaturdashi fasting September 17 – Vishwakarma Puja September 17 – Mahalaya – Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradh September 17 – Amavasya September 17 – Puratt

Samanta Panchaka – Gopis Met Krishna Again At This Place After A Long Period of Time

Gopis never saw Krishna after he left Vrindavan for Mathura. They met Sri Krishna again after several years at Samanta Panchaka. Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata was also called Samanta Panchaka because of the five lakes created there by Parshuram Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The place was famous from ancient times due to the penance performed by Parashuram to eradicate the sins of killing the evil kings 21 times. It is believed that Sri Krishna along with Pandavas visited the place during a total eclipse. Not just them but it is believed that all great sages, kings, royal families, common folk arrived at Samanta Panchaka. The entire population of Vrindavan too was present at Samanta Panchaka as they knew Sri Krishna would surely arrive to take holy dip in the sacred lakes there during the solar eclipse. Sri Krishna met Nanda and Yashoda, his foster parents, after several years. The gopis of Vrindavan too arrived at Samanta Panchaka and they had a look at their dearest Krishna from

Adhi Yoga – A Highly Beneficial Astrological Concept In Hinduism

The combination of Adhi Yoga happens when beneficial planets occupy the sixth, seventh and eighth houses from the Moon in one’s horoscope. A person who has this combination will be polite and trustworthy person; the person will have an enjoyable and happy life, surrounded by luxuries. The person will be wealthy and live long, and inflict defeat on his enemies. Astrologers, such as Varahamihira (6 th century AD) have studied the combination a great deal, but they differ in its definitions. While some claim that the mere presence of benefactions in the sixth and seventh and eighth houses constitute this yoga, other opine that those planets should not be associated with malefactions. A third category of scholars hold that apart from these two conditions, adhi yoga gets fully constituted only when the fourth house (in a natal chart) is occupied by a natural benefactor like Jupiter. However, most modern scholars agree that the presence of benefactions in the sixth, seventh an

How To Manage Our Disappointments Effectively?

Disappointments are inevitable in life. If we are ready to face disillusionment and move on, then there are numerous simple ways to handling disappointments. Here are few easy ways to to manage disappointments effectively. There is no point in moving around with a sour face for the rest of the life just because we had disappointments in life. Just because life has been unfair to us does not mean that we should spread negativity by moving around with curdled expressions, malevolent eyes, and nary smile. Such embittered souls make life difficult for them but also of those around them. How can people find happiness and hope around someone who never has a good thing to say about anyone or anything. So if your friends are abandoning you, blame it on your attitude. Life doles out different types of dishes. Some of them might not be to our liking. Instead of only focusing on the dishes of not our liking, we should explore other dishes and find those that we like. Handling disappoi