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Sambhar Lake in Hinduism

Sambhar Lake, located 65 km west of Jaipur in Rajasthan, is the largest saline lake in India. There are some stories that connect Sambhar Lake to Hinduism. Legend has it that the lake was created by Goddess Shakambhari and bestowed to the people of the region. A small temple located to her honor is located on the banks of the lake. Goddess Shakambhari is the kind of Mother Goddess Shakti that appeared after a severe drought. She started vegetation again on earth.  The lake is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. Shukracharya the Guru of Asuras or demons lived by the lake.

Story Of Devotion – Wife of Vidura Offering Banana Peel Instead Banana To Krishna

There is a popular story of devotion in Mahabharata associated with plantain (banana or kadali). Before the 18-day Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata, Krishna went as a mediator. The Pandavas did not want war but their cousins, the Kauravas were adamant on it and would not listen to Krishna’s advice even after he had predicted the destruction of the entire Kauravas. After the mission of mediator, Krishna visited Vidura, a half brother to both Pandu and Dhritarashtra. Vidura was not at home. Wife of Vidura, Sulabha offered Krishna banana. She was so enraptured by Krishna having come to her house that absent mindedly she threw away the fruit and offered only the peels of the banana to Krishna. Krishna noticed it but kept on eating the peels as they were offered to him with pure heart and with unflinching devotion. Krishna does not want any valuable offerings. He wants nothing. But his unseen hands protects his devotees who are filled unwavering devotion. 

Powerful Hanuman Mantra For Success In Work

There are people who are unsuccessful in spite of hard work and dedication. Such people need to chant powerful Hanuman mantras. Here is a collection of powerful shani mantra. Powerful Hanuman Mantra ॐ बलसिद्धिकाय नम : ॐ सर्वबन्धविमोक्त्रे नम : ॐ सर्वदु : खहराय नम : How To Chant Powerful Hanuman Mantra? Wake up early morning on Tuesday, take bath, and then offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. As sunrises, go to a nearby cowshed or place that has a cow and feed it roti with ghee and jaggery. Return home and sit facing the sun and chant the three names of Hanuman 108 times. Continue this for 21 Tuesdays or 21 Saturdays. Women can do it even during their periods.

Gold Turtle Similar To Kurma Avatar of Vishnu Seen Live In Nepal – Meaning - Significance

A dazzling gold turtle was discovered in Nepal recently and is similar to the Kurma Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Kurma Avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu appeared to support the Meru Mountain which was used as the churning rod in the samudra manthan episode mentioned in the Puranas. The appearance of Kurma Avatar during this difficult period of humanity should be seen as a sign of auspiciousness. It is asking human beings to return to nature, to stop the plundering and destruction of nature. Human species can survive only when it respects other living beings and learn to share and care for all life forms. Golden Turtle Spotted In Nepal Kurma Avatar happened during the Satya Yuga and it is the second avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The avatar is also known as Adi Kurma Avatar. Kurma Avatar has great symbolic significance and its sighting in Kali Yuga (the present age) should not be ignored. Karma Vasanas form the big churning rod – Meru Mountain. The spirit of dedication to Bhagavan is Vasuki Snake,

Sayings from the Literary Works of Kalidasa

A collection of sayings from literary works of Kalidasa. No man can ever be in the bottom forever, as the wheel of fortune slowly turns one is sure to be at the top sometime or other. It has never fallen to anyone to be extremely happy or unlucky and lonely and it is natural that as the wheel of time marches inexorably, some are at the top and others at the bottom. An auspicious thing is sought by one who seeks to counteract adverse circumstances, or by one who longs for prosperity; what has one who has no desire to do with such things. Even a miser does not ignore a friend in need. The purity of gold can be tested only when it is put through the fire. Knowledge imparted only to a fit recipient will yield the desired result. Only he can be considered a courageous person whose mind is not disturbed by tempting objects.