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Science behind Hindu Women Wearing Bangles

Why do Hindu women wear lot of bangles? Is there any science behind this? Here are some of the scientific explanations that are given for wearing bangles. It is widely believed that tinkling of bangles keep negative energy at bay. Friction of metals (bangles made of metals like gold, silver, iron, steel etc) on the body helping in absorbing their metallic properties. This helps in strengthening bones especially of women who have weaker bone compared to men. Constant friction of the bangles in the wrist area helps in increasing blood circulation. Earlier on the same topic Bangles in Hindu Religion – Why Hindu Women Wear Colorful Bangles

Sthula Sharira – Gross Body Concept In Hindu Teachings

Sthula Sharira, or gross body, is one of the three types of body as per Hindu teachings. The other two are Sukshma Sharira (subtle body) and Karana Sharira (casual body). The body is known as Sharira in Hinduism because of its perishable nature. It is known as Sthula because it is perceivable by the sense organs. The body is the complex of six tissues – hair, skin, veins, flesh, bones and marrow. It is made up five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. The five elements emanate from prakriti, which is dominated by Tamo guna. In the process of creation, prakriti which has attributes of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas becomes heavily laden with Tamo Guna in response to the desire of Ishvara to initiate creative process. In panchakarana, each element becomes a composite mixture of itself as well as the other four elements, which results in its grossness. Through this process, the elements are rendered capable of producing gross bodies of human beings, animals, inse

Significance of the use of camphor in Hindu pujas and worship

Burning camphor is an important feature of Hindu pujas and worship. The use camphor in prayers and ritual is symbolic. Camphor represents the human personality with Vasanas or attributes. When physical desires represented by solid camphor is burnt and evaporates, the essential fragrance emerges leaving no residue – symbolically it shows the merging of individual soul with the supreme soul. Atman plus vasanas plus the mahabhutas constitutes human beings. The Vasanas are burnt symbolically. This leaves behind the self-effulgent Atman. The burning produces light too, which represents the destruction of avidya, which bind us to the objects of desire. Source - Saptagiri December 2005 issue - article titled Rituals by Velandy Manohar

Self-confidence is an important quality to accomplish something in life

There is no menial job. Every job is important and we need to learn to respect people’s time and effort. Self-confidence is an important quality to accomplish something in life. This you cannot buy from the market. You need to develop it. There is no shortcut to success. It comes with hard work and unfathomable patience. Learning from mistakes is the most important step towards success. Failing, falling, getting up again and everything in between are important steps in success. There will be no success and sense of achievement until you step out of your comfort zone. To have a sense of achievement and satisfaction one needs to be creative. For this one should live outside our comfort zones. Comfort zones only create human robots. There is no new learning. There is no creativity. Put into a new situation these human robots fail miserably. They are just taught to lead a particular kind of life, which is often set and dictated by others. When you are ready to work and l