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Importance And Symbolism Of Betel Nut In Hindu Pujas

Betel nut is an important item in most Hindu Pujas and like all object there is symbolism for it too. Some communities establish the murti of Ganesha and Goddess Gauri in Betel nut. The belief is that Betel is a complete fruit and is pure. In South India, betel leaf and betel nut is a must for giving Dakshina to Guru and elders. In some regions, holy thread is also offered to betel nut. Some people also keep betel nut inside the vault where money, gold and property documents are stored. In olden days, betel nut was considered very pure as it had a natural coating. In North India, this natural coating was removed in the presence of the murti and offered as a pure offering. The ritual is still followed but sadly most often we end up offering unclean ones or reused ones. In South India, the offering is always made without removing the outer covering of the betel nut. It is an important item during marriages, housewarming etc. Betel Nut Symbolism   As per

Gobhil Grihya Sutra In Hinduism

Gobhil Grihya Sutra is the domestic rituals as laid down by Gobhila. Grihya Sutras as the name suggests deal with grihya karmani (domestic rituals) which are marked by utmost brevity and terseness. The Grihya Sutras present a systematic interpretation of domestic rituals as practiced in their respective schools. There is no strict uniformity in the general scheme of arrangement of the subject matter. The number and order of the rites vary from one Grihya Sutra to another. All ceremonies prescribed in them are performed by the householder himself or by his wife, son, pupil or priest with the help of the grihyagni (sacred household fire). The authorship of Gobhil Grihya Sutra is ascribed to Gobhil, who was a follower and perhaps a teacher f Sama Veda. The text predates Mantra Brahmana, whose mantras are used at the performance of various grihya rites. While describing the grihya rites, it quotes only the initial words of the mantras, which should accompany the gri

Chandra Mantra to Change Bad Luck to Good Luck

Chanting a particular mantra dedicated to Chandra, the moon god, and worshipping Shiva on Monday will help in changing bad luck to good luck. Below is the Chandra mantra for good luck; and how to perform the puja on the day. It must be noted here that every man on earth has a period of bad luck. It is our attitude and hard work which helps in overcoming this bad phase. A person with a positive attitude and belief in supreme truth will help in overcoming any kind of tough luck. Chandra Mantra to Overcome Bad Luck श्रीं चन्द्राय सदाराध्याय नमः Shreem Chandraya Sadaradhyaya Namah How to Chant Chandra Mantra and Perform Shiva Puja on Monday? On a Monday, take bath in the evening, visit a Shiva temple and offer prayers. Offer a small amount of milk. Sit in meditation for few hours. Later perform puja by looking at the moon. Wear white color dress. Offer white flowers, water, chandan, dhoop of white flowers and a white color sweet or kheer. Sit in meditation and

Ballaleshwar Ganapati Story – Ballaleshwar Pali Ashtavinayak Temple

Ballaleshwar Ganapati temple at Pali is one among the Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra. The unwavering devotion of the young Ballaleshwar resulted in Ganesha appearing in the village. The story of Ballaleshwar is a classic example of bhakti or devotion performing miracles. Ballaleshwar Ganapati Story Ballaleshwar Ganapati is known after the name of his ardent devotee. Ballala, son of merchant Kalyani Seth and his wife Indumati, regularly performed puja to Ganesha in his village. He had made a murti of Ganesha. He invited all the children of the village to participate in the daily evening puja. The children were so much immersed in the puja that they waited till the puja to get over and this meant they reached home very late in the night. Parents were annoyed by the late arrival of their children. They complained to Kalyani Seth about the puja of his son Ballala. In anger, Kalyani Seth went to the puja place and threw the Ganesha murti into the forest. He then

Prayer Is Knocking At The Door Of House Of Light

The modern mind is becoming more and more averse to prayer. It makes a parade of its scientific and rationalistic temper of mind and sacrifices at that altar the great joy-giver and purifier of life. Prayer implies a mental falling back upon the contemplation of the eternal elements in life and the realization of God’s power and mercy and love. It is not a selfish appeal to the God of Battles, but an unselfish trust in the God of Love. The fact is that though the law of conservation of energy is in operation in the material world, there is not only a law of conservation of value but also a law of augmentation of value in the spiritual world. The soul of man is eternal and its ascent of self-realization implies an ascending scale of values. This does not mean that the soul acquires a new value or a new bliss but that the soul realizes its infinite value and bliss more and more and in an ever increasing measure. . . It is by prayer that this increasing self-realization of the sou