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Heating Metallic Compound To Fine Powder To Make it Medicinally Potent – Hindu Science

Prolonged heating of a metallic compound or mineral for several hours or days or weeks to make it more refined and medically potent is known as putapaka in Hinduism. The end product of the process is bhasma, an extremely fine powder. This extremely light bhasma, when thrown on water, spreads itself as a thin film on it. This fine powder is supposed to possess physical and chemical properties that make it beneficial to bodily tissues through what is called its bio-availability. The Process After a particular metal or mineral is processed elaborately with chosen herbs, sulphur, selected minerals, lime juice and other extracts, the resulting substance is subjected to prolonged heating. The source of heat is generally cow dung cake and depending upon the number of cow-dung cake used, as well as the way in which they are heated in a particular manner, the desired degrees of heat are sought to be given to the substance. The substance itself is placed in an earthen conta

Perfection happens only after mistakes

Past mistakes should serve you and enlighten you. They should be used as guidelines. Quite often they are our best Gurus. It is not just you; all people have done many things wrong in their life. There is nothing wrong in making a mistake but repeating it is a criminal offence. Cursing yourself or blaming others for a failed relationship is not going to change anything. But you can take valuable lessons from the failed relationship and use it for bettering your next one. Mistakes are essential for our growth. It makes us wiser. It is  not just humans even animals make mistakes before perfecting their art of survival in nature. You can never be perfect from day one. There will be numerous mistakes and falls. There will be dejection. Perfection happens only after mistakes. There are numerous benefits from mistakes. It is just that we might not have realized it. Some are scared of mistakes and problems so they stay away indefinitely from situations, relationships, and