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Vakula Matha Story

As per stories associated with Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati, Vakula Matha, the foster mother of Lord Venkateswara on earth was the rebirth of Yashoda. Yashoda was the foster mother of Little Krishna in Dwapara Yuga. Yashoda who witnessed his childhood miracles was worried that she could not perform even a marriage to Krishna. She was not fortunate enough to see any of his marriages as well. To condone her anguish, Krishna gave her a boon, “Oh mother! I will be born as Srinivasa (Venkateswara) in the Kali Yuga. At that time, I will marry Padmavathi, daughter of Akasha Raju. You will have the privilege of performing that marriage.” Yashoda of Dvapara Yuga took rebirth in Kali Yuga as Vakula Matha. Vakula Matha took care of Srinivasa like his own mother. Srinivasa could relish her maternal affection once again. Once, Srinivasa went to the hillside for hunting. There, he saw Padmavathi chased by a herd of elephants. Protecting her from the attack of elephants, Srinivasa

Dushala In Mahabharata – Only Sister Of 100 Kaurava Brothers

Dushala was the only daughter of Queen Gandhari and King Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata. She was the only sister of the 100 Kaurava brothers. Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, loved and respected his only sister. She lost all her 100 brothers and husband in the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata. When Gandhari gave birth to a big lump of flesh, Sage Vyasa advised that it be cut into one hundred pieces and kept in 100 jars of ghee (clarified butter). The remaining piece was put into an additional jar making the count of jars to 101. 100 sons were born to Queen Gandhari and King Dhritarashtra from the 100 jars. The additional jar gave birth to a daughter who was named Dushala. When Dushala came of age, she was married to Jayadratha, the king of Sindhu Desha. The couple had a son named Suratha. Jayadratha was killed in the Mahabharata war by Arjuna. When the Kurukshetra war was over and Yudhisthira had been installed as king at Hastinapur, the Pandavas performed As

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Aradhana - Death Anniversary In 2024

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi needs no introduction to a spiritual aspirant. The 74th Aradhana of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is on May 5, 2024. Ramana Maharshi died on 14 April 1950. His aradhana is annually held on Uttara Bhadrapada or Uthrattathi Nakshatra in Chithirai Masam as per Hindu calendar. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is that light on the path of spirituality which will never extinguish. He inspired millions and he will continue to inspire millions to take the only Real Path - the path of self realization. Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) is one of the most remarkable Sages of the modern era. He showed the world that the light they are looking for is within and there is no need to run around searching for it. Know more about Sri Ramana Maharshi through his teachings.... 108 Quotes of Sri Ramana Maharshi Ramana Maharshi Teachings Special  You can also download and read the Mountain Path April 2020 issue published by Ashram for free here.

Simple Methods To Overcome Stress

The best and ideal solution to overcome chaos and stress is through honest evaluation and meditation. Using distraction is never an ideal choice to overcome chaos and stress. You know very well that distraction might work for a few minutes but you will soon end up where you started. Ignoring a stress is only going to complicate things. You can try to avoid many situations but then there are some that will keep cropping up here and there giving us sleepless nights and tense situations. Some people use delay as a method but this is never a solution. Some people take inspiration from motivational talks etc to face stress. They are made to believe that they can control many things in life. This is wrong. Motivational speeches and books are like drugs they just give you a high. They rarely provide any solution. Suicide or quitting – This should not be even thought about. Complaining and playing the blame game. It simply increases our blood pressure and create