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Symbolism In The Story Of The Birth Of Ayyappa

As per Hinduism, Ayyappa was born as a result of a union between Mohini (avatar of Vishnu) and Shiva. Part of the story of the birth of Ayyappa is found in the Srimad Bhagavata Purana. There is deep symbolism attached to the birth of Ayyappa. Story Of Birth Of Ayyappa Legend has it that demon Mahishi got the boon that she will be killed only a child born from the union of Shiva and Vishnu. Mahishi, who believed that she is invincible and immortal, inflicted terror in the world. Vishnu then took Mohini Avatar to distribute the nectar received after the churning of ocean and to save Devas from the tyranny of demons. Mohini also rescued Shiva from demon Bhasmasur. Shiva who heard about the beauty of Mohini wished to see Her. Vishnu then appeared before Shiva as Mohini. On seeing the divine beauty, Mohini, Shiva instantly fell in love with her which finally resulted in the birth of a child through the thigh of Vishnu. This child was Lord Ayyappa. In due course of time

Color Of Navratna Fading? – Is It Good Or Bad?

Color fading of birthstone or Navratna or gemstone is considered a good omen in Hindu astrology. A fading Navratna should not be discarded. As per astrology, a fading stone indicates that the bad planet or period is subdued. It means that the stone has successfully mitigated the malefic period. But if the stone was worn for desire fulfillment then fading on it indicates that the desire will not be fulfilled with the particular stone. You will need to look for a more powerful option.

What is Mahadasha in Hindu Astrology?

Mahadasha and Antardasha are two important aspects of Hindu astrology and are related to horoscope of a person. Mahadasha is ruling period and Antardasha is the intervening period. The ruling period of planet is fixed at 120 years. Every planet is allotted a certain years. Thus Sun has 6 years, Moon 10 years; Marsh 7 years; Rahu 18 years; Jupiter 16 years; Saturn 19 years; Mercury 17 years; Ketu 7 years and Venus 20 years. Dasha at the time of birth is calculated from the position of the Moon at birth. The order of periods of the nine planets is Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. The duration of initial Mahadasha depends upon the distance covered by the Moon in the particular constellation. Mahadasha of an exalted planet is very good but that of a debilitating planet is bad. But it should be noted that Antardasha of a planet also plays and important role. If the planet is in an exalted Antardasha, it may bring good results.

Money – Wealth – Quotes And Teachings – Sri Ramakrishna

A collection of quotes and teachings on money and wealth by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. What does a man get with money? Food, clothes, and a dwelling-place— nothing more. You cannot realize God with its help. Therefore, money can never be the goal of life. Money is a great upadhi The possession of money makes such a difference in a man! He is no longer the same person. A brahmin used to frequent the temple garden. Outwardly he was very modest. One day I went to Konnagar with Hriday. No sooner did we get off the boat than we noticed the brahmin seated on the bank of the Ganga. We thought he had been enjoying the fresh air. Looking at us, he said: ‘Hello there, priest! How do you do?’ I marked his tone and said to Hriday: ‘The man must have got some money. That’s why he talks that way.’ A frog had a rupee, which he kept in his hole. One day an elephant was going over the hole, and the frog, coming out in a fit of anger, raised his foot, as if to kick the elephant, and s