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Showing posts from April 11, 2020

We need to delink and de-identify

Ego is the product of wrong thought. We all have different likes, dislikes and interests. But majority of us are forcibly taught to follow a particular kind of likes, dislikes and interests by parents, society and schools. Our minds are forcibly conditioned. Getting back to our true self is what is known as the spiritual path or self-realization. We need to delink and de-identify. What stops us from this is false ego and fear. This delinking has to happen where you are. It is not to happen in a secluded forest or the Himalayas. This de-identification should happen naturally. First, you have to realize that we are traveling on the wrong path. Then we have to find out ways to reach the correct path. Parents, education and society thrust us with expectations, false identification and there is a never-ending list of desires. When these things do not happen as planned, there is anger, frustration, destruction and all kinds of negative activities. We need to get back our i