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Hanuman Incarnation Of Shiva – Ravana Devotee Of Shiva – The Conflict

Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva – Rudra avatar, partial incarnation. Ravana was one of the greatest devotees of Shiva. So there was conflict – how could an incarnation of Shiva fight the demon Ravana? When Shiva took the avatar of Hanuman, Goddess Parvati raised this question. Shiva replies that Ravan did all penance and austerities to get boons and become powerful. He was not interested in attaining Moksha. He was interested in only spreading Adharma. Ravana did intense tapas to please Shiva. When Shiva did not appear, he cut off his heads one by one and offered them into a sacrificial fire. Ravana thus pleased the 10 ferocious manifestation of Rudra Shiva. But Shiva had 11 Rudra manifestations. The 11th Rudra was not satisfied by the sacrifice. It is the 11th Rudra that incarnated as Hanuman and caused the destruction of Ravana and his demon empire. 

Harihar Temple at Visnagar in Mehsana in Gujarat

Harihar is an important deity worshipped in Hinduism and it is a union of Hindu Gods Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara) as a single murti (idol). Harihar Temples are very rare. There is one temple dedicated to Harihar at Visnagar in Mehsana District in North Gujarat in India . The temple is around 600 years old. The murti at the  Visnagar Harihar   Temple  is made from black stone and is tall. The left side of the murti is Vishnu and the right side is of Shiva. The murti has four hands and the left side hands hold Chakra – popular symbol of Vishnu. The right side hand holds Trishul – symbol of Shiva. Visnagar is about 18 KM from Mehsana.

Chakra Theertham in Tirumala Tirupati

Chakra Theertham is one among the seventeen sacred lakes or Tirthas near Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirumala . It is believed that water from these seventeen lakes merge in the Swami Pushkarini Lake . Legend has it that a devotee of Venkateswara named Padmanabha worshipped the Lord here for 12 years. It is said that Padmanabha was fed with Adharma on earth. He prayed to Balaji to get rid of the Adharma and reinstate Dharma. It is said that Balaji finally answered his prayers and sent his Sudarshana Chakra to get rid of people practicing Adharma. Murtis of Lakshmi, Narasimha form of Vishnu and Sudarshana Chakra are worshipped here. The most auspicious day at Chakra Theertham falls on the 12 th day during the waning phase of moon in Kartik Month. A sweet is made and is distributed among devotees on the day. The popular belief is that taking bath in the Chakra Teertham helps in attaining Moksha.

Parad Ganesh – Importance and Benefits of Parad Ganesh At Home – Parad Ganesh Mantra

Parad Ganesh is the murti of Ganapati made using mercury. In Hinduism, Parad Ganesh is considered highly auspicious and having it at home is meritorious. Below is the importance and benefits of Parad Ganesh and the mantra dedicated to the murti. Importance and Benefits of Parad Ganesh It is believed that there will be no problems in life if Parad Ganesh is worshipped at home. The murti destroys all kinds of unhappiness. It does not allow negative forces to reside at home. There will be peace and prosperity in life. He protects the home. It is an ideal solution to all kinds of Vastu dosh. Worshipping it will help in solving all vastu related problems. The residents of the house will be blessed with intelligence. It is said that Parad Ganesh has the power to turn a fool into an intelligence person. Financial problems will be settled and there will be no crisis related to wealth in life. Installing Parad Ganesh murti in shop, business place or godown (warehouse) will he

Ashtavinayak Ganpati Temples – Darshan Of Eight Swayambhu Form of Ganesha

Ashtavinayak Ganpati is the eight swayambhu (self made or naturally formed) forms of Lord Ganesh on earth. The Ashtavinayak temples are located in eight places in Maharashtra , India . The idol of Lord Ganesh in these temples is formed on a single large stone. The form of Vinayaka can be clearly recognized on the stone. It is believed that Lord Ganesha appeared at these eight places. Ashta Vinayak or the eight Swayambhu Temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh in Maharashtra are: Mayureshwar or Moreshwar Temple : Located along the banks of Karha River in Morgaon village in Pune District, Lord Ganesh is known as Mayureshwar or Moreshwar. Ganesha is here depicted as riding a peacock. It is believed that Lord Ganesha appeared in this form to destroy a demon named Sindhu. Morgaon village is located in Baramati Taluka and is around 55 km southeast of Pune city. Chintamani Vinayak Temple : Chintamani Ganesh Temple is located in Theur in Pune District. It is believed