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Hanuman Worship to escape from fear of Ghosts and Spirits

In Hindu tradition, Hanuman is worshipped by those people who have fear of ghosts, spirits, night and darkness. The popular belief is that He will protect them from all apparitions. Legend has it that Vayu, the Hindu wind god and father of Hanuman, gave him the boon that when Hanuman is remembered all spirits and ghosts will flee. Hanuman in his childhood reaches for the sun thinking it to be a fruit. Indra uses his thunderbolt to stop Hanuman. The thunderbolt strikes Hanuman on his cheek and child Hanuman falls on to earth. Vayu picks him up midair and goes into a cave. An angry Vayu avenges this attack on his son by removing air from earth. Soon all beings suffocate. Terrified, Devas approach Brahma who tells them the reason. Soon Devas and Brahma reach the cave. Brahma revives Hanuman. All the gods present their give Hanuman a boon each. Vayu is happy and revives the air on earth. He also blesses Hanuman with the power to overcome ghost and spirits.

Cumin Powder Treatment For Piles In Ayurveda

Authentic cumin powder is a very good treatment for piles as per Ayurveda. Ten grams of cumin seeds powder, twenty grams of sugar candy (crystal jingle), thirty grams of bamboo salt should be mixed into a smooth powder. Mix two to three grams of this powder in 100 milliliters of water and consume it twice a day half an hour before taking meals. Also, make a paste of cumin seeds powder by adding water and to be applied externally on piles. Many people have found this to be an effective cure for piles. All items used for preparing the medicine should be natural. Better to ground them at home. 

Dwi Mukhi Ganapati - Information About Dwi Mukhi Ganesha

Dwi Mukhi Ganapati is a unique form of Ganesha with two heads. This form is one among the 32 forms of Ganesh. This form blesses a devotee with long life. Dwi Mukhi Ganapati mantra is Svadanta pashankusha ratnapatram Karairadadhanah harineelagaatrah! Raktaanshuko Ratna Kireeta moulin bhootyai Sadaa mey dwi mukhi ganesha!! The twin headed Dvi Mukha Ganapati has four arms. They hold noose, goad, broken tusk and a pot of gems. The body color is blue-green. Meditation on this form helps in attaining peace. Devotees are also blessed with prosperity and long life. The famous Badrinath Temple in Uttarakhand has Dwi Mukhi Ganapati murti as a subsidiary deity.

Shiva Panchakshari Yantra - Benefits of Shiva Panchakshari Yantra

Shiva Panchakshari Yantra is a powerful Yantra associated with Hindu God Shiva. It is believed that constant worship of Shiva Panchakshari Yantra gives protection to a devotee from all forms of dangers. This Yantra is a visual representation of the powerful mantra – Om Namah Shivaya. Shiva Panchakshari Yantra is worshipped by Shiva devotees as they believe it can bring peace and prosperity in their life. Some people believe that it is a good shield against all the activities of enemies. Spiritually inclined people use the Yantra for meditation purpose. It helps them in keeping out desire, jealousy, lust, anger and many other thoughts that comes in the way of liberation and self realization. Shiva Panchakshara Yantra is available in numerous metals including copper, gold, bhojpatra, silver and brass. Main Benefits of Shiva Panchakshari Yantra It helps in overcoming all kinds of horoscope related troubles. Good yantra for those facing financial and property related i

Basavanagudi Anjaneya Temple – Basavanagudi Hanuman Temple near Bangalore

Basavanagudi Anjaneya Temple , also known as Shri Karanji Anjaneya Swamy temple, is dedicated to Hanuman and is located in the busy area of Basavanagudi in Bangalore . The unique feature of the murti worshipped in the shrine is that it is of 18 feet and is carved out of single rock. The murti is more than 500 years old. The murti at Basavanagudi Anjayaneya Temple has extended his right leg forward and folded his both hands. In the folded hands there is choodamani. Basavanagudi  Anjaneya  Temple Timings:   7:00 AM to 12:00 PM 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM Special days and festival days 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM Location – The temple is around 6 km from Kempegowda bus station. Ramakrishna Ashrama Bus stop, Gandhi Bazaar Bus stop and Gandhi Bazaar Taxi Stand Bus Stops are BMTC Bus Stops which are located in a radius of about one Km from the temple. The most important offerings in the temple are Sahasranama, Panchamrutha Abhisheka, Pongal and Vahana

Download Swaminarayan Bhajan and Kirtans – Gujarati Bhajans in mp3 for free

Shri Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara is offering more than 100 bhajans dedicated to Shri Swaminarayan for free download. Majority of the bhajans and kirtans are in Gujarati and Hindi. You can download most of them in mp3 format for free. Some of the bhajans are in other audio formats. You can download Swaminarayan Bhajan here at the official website of Shri Swaminarayan Temple Karelibaug in Vadodara . At the website select an album and then right click and use the save as option to download the bhajans and kirtans. 

Sri Ramakrishna Explains - The Importance of Bhakti

The importance of Bhakti as explained by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. It doesn't matter what kind of action you are engaged in. You can be united with God through any action provided that, performing it, you give up all desire for its result. You don't want anything of God but still you love Him. That is pure bhakti, love of God with no motive behind it. Prahlada had it. He sought neither kingdom nor riches; he sought Hari alone. A man may be united with God either through action or through inwardness of thought, but he can know everything through bhakti. Through bhakti one spontaneously experiences kumbhaka. The nerve currents and breathing calm down when the mind is concentrated. Again, the mind is concentrated when the nerve currents and breathing calm down. Then the buddhi, the discriminating power, becomes steady. The man who achieves this state is not himself aware of it. One can attain everything through bhakti yoga. I wept before the Mother and prayed, '