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Story of Vakratunda Ganesha And Matsaryasura - Vakratunda Story

Vakratunda is one among the numerous names of Ganesha and it means ‘one with a twisted trunk.’ As per the story in Mudgala Purana, Ganesh took the form of Vakratunda to annihilate demon Matsaryasura. The demon symbolically represents envy, jealousy and rivalry. Demon Matsaryasura was born out of the envy, jealousy and rivalry in the mind of Indra, the king of Devas. The demon then worshipped Shiva and did severe penance. He obtained the boon of fearlessness from Shiva. Matsaryasura became very powerful and dominated the three worlds. Fed up with Matsaryasura, devas, saints and people approached Dattatreya. He advised the people to worship Ganesha by chanting the mantra ‘GAM.’ They were able to please Ganesha and he promised to appear as Vakratunda to defeat the demon. When Vakratunda appeared before Matsaryasura, he was so terrified that all his courage was lost. He immediately surrendered before Ganesha and sought refuge at his feet. Symbolically Matsaryasura

Vinoba Bhave Quotes

A collection of quotes of Vinoba Bhave. Peace, prosperity and happiness are in the interest of all.  These are the universal gains, which are accomplished when personal gains are forgotten. When personal gains are pursued, universal gains are lost. If universal gains are lost where are the personal gains?  Garden for the joy of gardening, without impatience and without anxiety, then fruit, flowers and vegetables will flow from the garden of their own accord. Work itself is beautiful but the desire to impress others is what makes it ugly. God has given three priceless gifts to humans: One, of speech. Animals don’t have it. Let us speak the truth with love. Let us take Rama’s name. Two, hands. Even monkeys have hands, but they only know how to uproot, not how to sow. Let us serve with our hands. … God’s third great gift is an empathic heart. None can be cruel forever. God has not made anyone hard-hearted. Let us be sympathetic towards all. —  (To the Chambal Valley, 1960) L