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Story of Ganesha as Gajanana and Lobhasura

Gajanana is one of the eight avatars of Ganesha as per the Mudgala Purana. It is stated in the Mudgala Purana that one of the mission of the Gajanana Avatar was to annihilate Lobhasura – the demon greed. Kubera, the treasurer of wealth, once visited Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Pleased with the devotion of Kubera, Shiva blessed him with the vision of the divine couple whenever he wanted. After the blessing Kubera made it a point to have the vision of divine couple daily. Soon Kubera was enamored by the beauty of Goddess Parvati and he gazed Her with lustful thoughts. Goddess Parvati who realized this gave an angry look at Kubera. Kubera was trembling in fear at the look of the Goddess and from the fear was born the demon named Lobhasura. Lobhasura did penance and propitiated Shiva. He was granted the boon of fearlessness. The spiritual strength and lack of fear made Lobhasura powerful and he became to the ruler of the three worlds. Power made the asura corrupt and he led

Importance of Ashada Masam – Fears and Doubts on Ashada Month in South India

There are numerous fears and doubts regarding Ashadam or Ashada Masam (June - July) especially for Telugu and Kannada speaking people. In 2023, Ashada Month begins on June 19 and ends on July 17 in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Some married couples want to know, is it good for the wife to stay with husband in the Ashad month? The inauspicious tag attached to Ashada month is due to the fact that the Dakshinayana Punnjaykalam or Karak Sankranti begins in this month. The sun changes its courses in this month and next six months is the night time of Devas (gods), which ends with Makar Sankranti. Ashadha in Karnataka and Ashadamu in Andhra Pradesh is the fourth month in the Kannada and Telugu Calendar. People avoid undertaking auspicious events this month. Some of the reasons have scientific backing but many are based on rumors and fears. There is a tradition among certain communities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in which newly married couple does not stay toget

Bipattarini Puja 2023 Performed in Ashar Month in Bengal – Bipattarini Brata

Bipattarini Brata is dedicated to Goddess Bipattarini – a manifestation of Mother Goddess Kali. Bipattarini Puja 2023 dates are June 24 and June 27. The Brata is observed on Tuesday and Saturday in the month of Ashar in Bengal after Rath Yatra and before Ulto Rath. The popular belief is that those who observe the Brata gets the blessings of Goddess Bipattarini and will be able to protect the family from all types of danger. On the previous day of the Bipattarini Brata, the person only opts for vegetarian food. On the day of the brata, the person undertaking the fast does not eat any food. This fast is broken on the next day morning after offering prayers. Nine different types of fruits are offered to the Goddess. The person fasting ties fourteen types of knots on the hand. The women tie knot on left hand and the men tie knot on the right hand. Related Story of Bipattarini Puja

Teachings From Ashtavakra Gita

A collection of teachings from Ashtavakra Gita. One who considers oneself free is free indeed, and one who considers oneself bound remains bound. ‘As one thinks, so one becomes’ is a popular saying in this world, which is really true. Oh, duality is the root of misery. There is no other remedy for it except the realization that all objects of experience are false and that I am one and pure, intelligence and bliss. What is it that does not close its eyes even while sleeping? Ashtavakra – Fish (the ever-conscious soul) never closes its eyelids while sleeping. What is it that does not move even when born? Ashtavakra – an egg does not move when laid What is it that has no heart? Ashtavakra – stone (soul that has left the body) has no heart What does increase even in its own speed? Ashtavakra – A river (heart of a yogi) increases in its own speed.’ Give up the idea that you are separate, a person, that there is within and without. If you think you are free