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Pregnant Women Find Solace At Garbha Rakshambika Temple in Tamil Nadu

Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple , also known as Garbharakshambika or Garbha Rakshambika temple, is situated at Thirukarukavur near Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu and is visited by childless couples for blessings, pregnant women for safe deliveries and for the protection of the unborn baby.  The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is the Shakti present here that is believed to protect the unborn babies. ‘Garbha' here means ‘uterus’ and ‘Ambika’ is an incarnation of Shakti who is believed to take care of pregnant women. There is also a Garbharakshambika Shloka, which pregnant women and childless couples chant. Garbarakshambigai Temple is located at Thirukarukavur and the place is 20 km east of Thanjavur and 20 km southwest of Kumbakonam. Main Deities In The Temple Goddess Garbarakshambigai - Incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti Lord Mullaivananathar - Lord Shiva Meaning of Garbharakshambika: The Mother Who Protects the Womb. Meaning of Mullaivananat

Ganpatipule Temple – Timing - History - Ganpatipule Ganesh Mandir Information

Ganapatipule is a picturesque spot on the shores of Arabian sea in Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra. The place is famous for the Ganpatipule Temple dedicated to Ganesh atop a hill. The blue and white foaming sea, the white sands and the green hills with red mud which are typical of Konkan provide the setting for Ganpatipule Ganesh Mandir. Ganpatipule Temple Timings Morning Opening is at 5:00 AM The temple is open throughout the day Evening Closing is at 9:00 PM Aarti Timings are 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 7:00 PM Mahaprasad for visitors at 12:15 AM to 2 PM. Devotees can offer puja on a symbolic murti daily from 7 AM to 11 AM. Sankashti Chaturthi (fourth day after full moon day), palkhi departs for Pradakshina at 4:00 PM Ganpatipule Temple History It is obvious that our ancestors who were aware of the beauty of nature and the religious and divine feelings associated with such locations must have selected this hill near the sea-shore for Lord Ganesha’s abode. The

Bringing Home Stolen Murtis Of Hindu Gods And Goddesses – IPP Project

IPP – the India Pride Project – is working tirelessly in bringing back home (India), the stolen murtis of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. UNESCO estimates 50,000 murtis (idols) of Hindu gods and goddesses have been stolen from India. Those that cannot be stolen or moved are destroyed by Vandals. Hindu murtis are a constant feature in many auctions around the world. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshatah (Dharma protects the protector of Dharma) – this is the basic belief in Hinduism. No one will come to protect our culture, our temples and our institutions. Each person in the locality has to defend and protect Hindu temples and institutions. With zero funding, zero employees and zero authority, IPP has built the case globally for India’s heritage to come back to its people. This is a great initiative when see daily our temples being ignored, vandalised, looted and destroyed. Start protecting existing temples instead of building new ones. Get back all the looted murtis of Gods

Pragyata Learning platform - Online Courses About India Its Culture

Pragyata website is dedicated to reviving interest in the Indian systems of knowledge. It is a learning platform, hosting online courses (MOOCs) about India, its culture and its unique world view. It encourages genuine scholars and experts to share their insights about Indic knowledge with the world, thus providing an authentic, uncompromised and unbiased learning experience. You can learn about many subjects that has its origin in India. We have courses on all kinds of subjects ranging from Yoga to Music to Dance forms to Languages to Philosophy. If you’re from India and find yourself wondering as to why you know Europe’s history better than your own, if you’ve read all of Shakespeare but can’t tell Tulsidas from Kalidas, if you’ve learnt to regard Sanskrit as a ‘dead’ language and Yoga as a primitive form of pumping iron, you can call yourself a thoroughly colonized Indian and you certainly need to take these courses. If the above description does not accurately fit you,

Bhagavad Gita Teachings For Managers - Administrators - Bosses

A collection of teaching from Bhagavad Gita for administrators, managers and bosses. Anger gives rise to delusion. Delusion corrupts the mind, and a corrupt mind destroy the power to reason properly. Defeat is imminent when the power of reasoning is lost. You have the right over your responsibilities, and the proper actions required for it, but you don’t have the right to the rewards resulting out of it. You should never engage in an action only for the desire of the rewards, and you should not desire inaction. The righteous one who accepts and shares the reward of his actions is freed from sins, while he who works for self interests incur sin. Work for the common good without selfish interests; the rewards of selfless work will take you to the supreme state. People follow the noble ones. People follow the standards created by them.