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Story – How King Bali Became Powerful?

King Bali, or Mahabali, was the grandson of Prahlada, an ardent devotee of Vishnu who had the darshan of Narasimha Avatar. Prahlada trained his grandson in all the arts of warfare and taught him the Vedas. King Bali conquered all the kingdoms on earth and obtained the title of Chakravarti. Although an asura, King Bali was an ardent devotee of Vishnu. He performed intense austerities and attained the status of Indra, the king of devas. During a war between Asuras and Devas, the army led by Indra, the king of Devas, defeated King Bali. Later, King Bali with the help of his guru Shukracharya performed a yajna. From the sacrificial fire came a golden chariot, a horse of the same color as that of Indra and bright banner with lion as a symbol on it. Pleased with the yajna, Lord Brahma appeared before Bali and presented him with a divine bow and powerful arrows. He also gave him a divine conch. King Bali now became powerful and had enough strength to conquer the thre

Sant Ravidas Quotes And Teachings

Sant Ravidas, a 15th century poet-saint and revolutionary, fought against social evils like caste and untouchability. This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Sant Ravidas. He is also one the most prominent Bhakti poets of medieval period. The Lord is One, but He is diffused in many forms. Bring in, bring in, that All-pervading Lord. The Palmyra palm tree is considered impure, and so its leaves are considered impure as well. But if devotional prayers are written on paper made from its leaves, then people bow in reverence and worship before it. Through the way of devotion, the intellect is imbued with Truth; doubts, entanglements and vices are cut away. When I am in my ego, then You (Lord) are not with me. Now that You are with me, there is no egotism within me. A family that is a true follower of the Lord is neither high caste nor low caste, lordly or poor. And this toddy tree you consider impure, since the sacred writings have branded it that way,