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Story of Sage Kashyapa and Takshaka

Story of Sage Kashyapa and Takshaka is associated with the curse of King Parikshit. When King Parikshit was cursed that he would die by Takshaka's poison, Sage Kashyapa decided to rescue the king. Sage Kashyapa started from his ashram and reached halfway. Takshaka met him on the way and bribed him. He sent the sage back laden with presents of gems, ornaments etc. When people got the news about this, they derided Sage Kashyapa, who on account of covetousness, retreated from the duty of saving the King's life and non-cooperated with him in every way. To escape from the sins, Kashyapa sought the help of Sage Sakalya, who advised the former to bathe in the sacred tirthas in the Godavari and Saraswati rivers. Sage Kashyapa did so and regained his old reputation. Related Parikshit – Story of King Parikshit in the Mahabharata

Swami Gautamananda Teachings

Swami Gautamananda is a monk of Sri Ramakrishna Math. This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Gautamananda. Desires propel the activities of an individual. In the attempt to fulfill them, God's help is sought since the task ahead may not be easily achieved. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna states that He is the indwelling being in all aspects of creation and that people seek Him specifically for four different reasons — wealth, relief from sorrow, knowledge and devotion to Him. The last category stands high in the spiritual ladder indicating that a true seeker would eventually leave aside materialistic and other desires to aim for the highest goal of life, salvation. We have to keep away the desires that can ruin our spiritual efforts. These desires arise in our mind. We should know when to reject and renounce them. Anger, desire, greed, delusion, haughtiness and pride obstruct our effort to concentrate on God. We should learn to tackle them wi