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Reason For Taking Kavadi to Murugan Temples

Many Hindu devotees make it a point to take Kavadi to Murugan temples, especially during Thaipusam. In South India , many devotees take Kavadi to the Murugan Temple in Palani after observing severe austerities which include begging in houses. So, what is the reason of taking kavadi to Murugan temples? The popular myth or legend behind taking kavadi is associated with Idumban and Muruga. Idumban was a highly devoted student of Sage Agastya. One day Sage Agastya asked Idumban to bring two hills occupied by Lord Muruga. The two hills were Sivagiri and Shakthi giri. As a trial Idumban first lifted them up and both the mountains came up easily. Satisfied with his effort he kept them back and started preparing to take them to his Guru Agasthya. Now, Lord Muruga was watching all this from a distance. He decided to test Idumban’s determination as well as his devotion for his master. Lord Muruga took the shape of a small child and stood atop a hill. Idumban tried to

Gomati Mantra - Puja Vidhi - How to do Puja of Gomati Devi?

Information about Gomati Mantra is found in the Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata. Sholka 42 of the chapter 81 of the section deals with the mantra. It is a mantra for obtaining the blessings of the cows. A brief idea on how to do Puja of Gomati Devi and mantra in Hindi along with puja vidhi - procedure - is given below. The mantra is chanted standing in the midst of cows. It is believed that chanting the mantra will help in attaining peace, prosperity and healthy children. Those women chanting the mantra will get loving husbands. Gomati Mantra ॐ गोमती देव्यै: नमः Om Gomati Devayye Namah or ग्लों सर्वलोक वश्यकरी स्वाहा॥ Gloum Sarvaloka Vashkari Swaha How to Chant the Gomati Mantra? The mantra should be chanted early in the morning just during sunrise. The person chanting the mantra should take bath and wear green color clothes. The mantra should be chanted facing northeast direction. On a green color cloth, place a Kalash filled with moong and cover it with

Story of Rahu and Shiva - How Rahu Became a Navgraha as per Skanda Purana?

The story of Rahu and Shiva is found in the Skanda Purana. Legend has it that once demon chief Jalandhara asked Rahu to carry a message to Shiva. The chief asked Rahu to inform Shiva that he was an incapable husband, as he could not appease Goddess Parvati as he roamed the cremation grounds. So Goddess Parvati should be sent to Jalandhara. When Rahu said the same before Shiva, he opened his third eye and produced a huge being. That huge being threw Rahu into the sky. He thus became a navgraha. This whole incident happened in a place known as Barbara and therefore Rahu is also known as Barabarodhuta. Symbolic Meaning of The Story The above story also has a symbolic meaning. There are people who try to take advantage of females, whose family is going through a bad time financially. Such people send emissaries with intention of seeking sexual favors. This is very common in Kali Yuga. It is a warning to such people that they will end nowhere like Rahu neither in heaven no

Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati Quotes and Teachings

Quotes and Teachings of Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati associated with Chinmaya Mission. The recognition and development of good qualities will lead one to moksha and freedom from bondage and pain. Negative qualities on the other hand lead one into bondage, resulting in sorrow and dependency. The positive and the negative are present everywhere and in all time periods. Even in the worst possible scenario, one could find something good. If a tragedy like an earthquake happens, it reveals how there are those who help total strangers even at personal risk. We also come across those who take advantage by looting and robbing. The Scriptures speak of the One Reality which is of the nature of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss). Very simple stated, Satyam ekam vipra bahuda vadanti (The Truth is one but the wise speak of it differently).  This Reality has certain innate, inherent powers, which can be broadly termed as shakti. It has the power to project, sustain an