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Jabali in Ramayana and other Hindu Scriptures

Jabali is the name of a counselor in the Ramayana. Jabali is also the name of numerous other people in Hindu scriptures especially the Puranas. In Ramayana, Jabali was the saint counselor of King Dasharatha. Here are some of the important stories of Jabali in Hindu scriptures. Jabali in Ramayana He accompanied Bharata to bring back Bhagavan Sri Ram from his exile. Jabali was an atheist and he argued with Rama to return to Ayodhya. Taking a rationalist view of life, he argued that there was no such thing as the other world and therefore he should not worry about the word he had given to his father. He argued that what is important is the world as we know and he should not be bothered about the unseen world. He also attempted to convince Rama about the futility of human relationships. Rama was not happy with the arguments and he stressed on the need to uphold Dharma. He completely negated the atheistic thoughts. Jabali thus failed in convincing Bhagavan Sri Ram. What is im

Dharmayuddha in Hinduism - Dharam Yuddh

In Hinduism, Dharmayuddha is the righteous war approved by society. It was an open battle devoid of secrecy, stratagem or crafty elements. Dharm Yuddh is a war of defense though it presupposes aggression. The prominent feature of the Dharmayuddha was that the conquering king only acknowledged his supremacy over the inferior and defeated powers, and returned the kingdom to the defeated. If the king was killed, his son or near relative was installed on the throne on subordinate alliance terms. In Dharmayuddha, fight should between equals on one to one basis; aged men, women, children, the retreating, and such others were not to be killed; the cities, gardens, temples, and the common people should not be harmed; the injured warriors should be treated unbiased, one should not fight a warrior who does not offer to fight or is panic stricken, without an armor or weapon. A king who achieves victory through Dharmayuddha was known as Dharmavijayi.

Swami Shantananda Puri Quotes and Teachings

This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Shantananda Puri. The main obstacle in self realization is our identification with our body as ‘ I. ’ We consider ourselves as separate individuals with different bodies. Just as the electricity generated from a generator goes into all the bulbs and is linked with each other by the continuous flow of current, the Supreme Energy called as the Self or Paramatman pervades all the bodies and thus forms one indivisible Totality. The identification with the individual body as the Self is the main sin we have all committed and it is this which has led us into all miseries and sufferings. Enlightenment can never be obtained through any amount of rituals, pujas, havan or sacrifices nor can it be obtained by accumulating abundant wealth. Renunciation through repeated contemplation will alone lead one to immortality.  ( Source – Book – Sadhanas from Kaivalyopanishad)  A guru is a small window into the Infinite. If you can