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Nalapachakam Origin - How King Nala Was Able To Cook Delicious Food?

This is the story behind the famous term Nalapachakam - the term used in appreciation for a man who is able to cook delicious and tasty food. King Nala, of the famous Nala Damayanti story, was a great cook. It is said that he was able to cook delicious and mouthwatering food. But how was he able to cook such delicacies that made everyone fall in love with his cooking.  Legend has it that King Nala of Vidarbha, a Surya Vamshi, used to worship Goddess Hingula. As per Sarala Mahabharata from Odisha, with the blessings of Goddess Hingula anyone can prepare delicious foods. The king had the blessings of the Goddess and that is the reason why anything prepared by the king tasted delicious. It is said that after getting his food prepared, King Nala would wave his hand over the food he had prepared. This wave would impart special taste and flavor to the food. Even today in some regions a very good cook is referred to as Nala – thus we have the term Nala Pachakam.

Lessons on Success - Hanuman - Based on Search for Mata Sita – Swami Swaroopananda

Hanuman’s fruitful search for Sita, who represents not only material success but also spiritual peace and harmony, is a perfect example of how every person can achieve success in one's life. When Vanara sena looked across the shore, saw that 800 miles had to be crossed, they sat back, and thought about their limitations and inability to perform. They thought the feat to be impossible due to their failures in the past, or the fear of the future as to how they would face the situation in Lanka. None of them dared to take the leap. Single Mindedness Hanuman’s single-mindedness towards his goal did not make him sit back but rather carry on with confidence taking the Name of the Lord. When the goal is noble one should set out for achieving it without any hesitation and one will recognize within oneself a source of infinite strength. There were three obstacles that Lord Hanuman had to face in his journey towards success.  Rest First was the mighty mountain - M