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Story - Influence of Food On Our Character As Per Hinduism – Sanyasi Stealing Gold Plate

As per Hinduism, the foods we eat influence our character. There is a story of a Sanyasi stealing gold plate and silver cup and returning it later to a king. The food we daily take has its effect on our psychology and character. It may be satvik, good and strengthening to the spirit; or destructive of serenity, passion-producing, rajasik; or wholly bad causing deterioration of mind and intellect and increasing inertia, tamasik. (BhagavadGita, Chapter  XVII – 8 to 10) A Sanyasi used to have his food from the palace regularly. On one occasion, the sage stole the gold plate and the silver cup in which the food was served. The servants could not understand the strange behavior of the sanyasi. They reported the matter to the queen who reported it to the king. Three days later the sanyasi came back for food and returned the gold plate and the silver cup. The king found this behavior to be very strange but wanted to know if there was any meaning to it. He called the wi

Pushya Masam in Tirupati Venkateswara Temple – Pushya Month Festivals and Rituals at Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple

Pushya Masam in Tirupati Venkateswara Temple is known for several colorful festivals (utsavams), rituals and pujas. Records of Pushya month (mid December to mid January) rituals at Tirumala Tirupati Temple can be found in the Tamil Sangam Literature, which dates back to 2nd century BC. It speaks about the beauty of fairs and festivals that are celebrated in the ancient shrine of Vengadam. As per Hindu Lunar Calendar, when moon is at or near the constellation of the star Pushyami, that month is known as Pushya Masam. The Pournima of Pushya masam is very auspicious to start a study of the Vedas. The auspicious Uttarayanam also begin in this Pushya Masam. Uttarayanam marks the beginning of the daytime of Devas. The transition of Sun from South to North is considered as Uttarayana Punyakalam. This is also traditionally known as Makara Sankranti and Pongal. Sun enters Makara Rasi, which is also called as Makara Sankramanam. Some of the important rituals observed at Tirupati

Hanuman Worshipped In Female Form - Story - Girijabandh Hanuman Temple At Ratanpur In Chhattisgarh

At the Girijabandh Hanuman Temple located at Ratanpur in Chhattisgarh, Hanuman is worshipped in the form of a woman. This mandir is located around 25 km from Bilaspur. Hanuman is believed to have given darshan to a king of the region in this form. Story Of Hanuman Worshipped in Female Form  The king was suffering from leprosy. Once he had a dream in which Hanuman asked him to build a temple dedicated to him. He also asked to make a pond near the temple. For early cure from leprosy, Hanuman asked the king to worship in the temple and take bath in the pond. The king built the temple but could not find an ideal murti (idol) to consecrate in the temple. He then had another dream in which Hanuman told that there is a murti hidden in the pond in the Maa Mahamaya Temple. The murti that was retrieved from the Maa Mahamaya Temple was the female form of Hanuman. The murti faces south. The murti is of Hanuman defeating Ahiravana in the netherworld. There are also the faces of

Upanishads Thoughts and Sayings

A Collection of thoughts and sayings from various Upanishads. To many it is not given to hear of That (meaning God) which dwells in eternity. Many, though they hear of it, do not understand it. Wonderful is he who speaks of it. Intelligent is he who learns of it. Blessed is he who, taught by a good teacher, is able to comprehend it. (Katha Upanishad) He who knows Brahman as the Eternal Embodiment of Truth and Knowledge, seated hidden in the cave (depth of the heart), in the ether above, he enjoys all blessings at one with Brahman, the omniscient. (Taittiriya Upanishad) The syllable Om , which is the imperishable Brahman, is the universe. Whatsoever existed, whatsoever now exists, whatsoever shall exist hereafter is Om. (Mandukya Upanishad) The senses are the horses and the roads they travel are the mazes of desire. When a man lacks discrimination and his mind is uncontrolled, his senses are unmanageable like the restive horses of a charioteer. But when a man