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Significance of Ekadashi - Spiritual Importance of Ekadashi Fasting Dedicated To Lord Vishnu in Hinduism

Ekadashi is mentioned in a number of Puranas and it is of spiritual importance in Hinduism. It is associated with Lord Vishnu and ‘Haribhakti Vilas’ talks in detail about its significance. Today, in Hindu religion Ekadasi has come to mean a day to fast. It falls on the 11 th day of every lunar fortnight and thus there are two Ekadashi in a month. It is also known as ‘Harivasara’ and ‘Hari din.’ Several Puranas including Padma Purana and Skanda Purana detail about the significance of Ekadashi. How to observe ‘Ekadashi’ is clearly mentioned in ‘Hari Vasara.’ In modern day, many people will find it difficult to observe it in its entire strictness. But there are a large number of people who observe it. And there are numerous observations on what food one can have? There are also regional variations to the way in which the Ekadasi is observed. The preparation starts on Dasami day – a day before Ekadashi. The person observing Ekadashi should wake up early in the mornin

Vallabha Maha Ganapati - Gods Surrounding Mahaganapati in the Four Quarters

Maha Ganapati is one among the popular forms of Ganesha. Vallabha Mahaganapati is one among the Sodasa Ganapati forms and is worshiped for various benefits. The deity is surrounded by various gods and goddesses in the four quarters. Mahaganapati sits in the middle with his consort Vallabha, immersed in deep meditation. Maha Ganapati is surrounded by Lakshmi and Vishnu (northeast)  Parvati and Shiva  (northwest) Rati and Manmatha (southeast) Bhudevi and Varahamurti (southwest) The Mantra associated with Maha Ganapati when surrounded by deities are: Om Sreemanmahaaganadhipatayenamaha It is believed that in the form of Mahaganapati, Ganesha, helped Shiva destroy the cities of demon Tripurasura. Vallabha, the consort of Mahaganapati, is a personification of his omnipotence (of his unlimited power). 

Story of Origin of Solah Shringar - Names of 16 Adornments of Hindu Woman - What Items Are Part of Solah Shringar List?

Solah Shringar is the sixteen love charms worn by Hindu women. The story of origin of Solah Shringar is associated with Rati, wife of Kamdev. It is believed that she was blessed with 16 adornments by Goddess Lakshmi. A woman in order to attract her lover resorted to solah shringar in various parts of the body after this incident. This article also provides below the names of 16 Adornments of Hindu Woman. The items that are part of Solah Shringar varies from region to region. Rati was a not so beautiful girl. Men did not find her attractive. This saddened her. She then performed intense austerities to please Goddess Lakshmi. Pleased with the devotion of Rati, Goddess Lakshmi blessed her with Solah Shringar. Goddess Lakshmi told Rati that whoever bedecks her body with solah shringar will enchant her man and there will be prosperity in her household. With the help of Solah Shringar, Rati became of the wife of Kamdev, the most handsome man in the universe. Solah Shrin