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Why Pandu was born ashen – weak and pale in the Mahabharata?

Pandu, the father of Pandavas, was weak, pale and ashen. He was the son of Sage Vyasa and Ambalika, the widow of Vichtravirya. Here is the reason as to why Pandu was born weak and pale. Without fathering a child, Vichitravirya, the son of Queen Satyavati died. The Kuru lineage was in danger of going extinct. Queen Satyavati asked Bhishma to break is vow and save the Kuru dynasty. But he was not ready to break the vow. Desperate to save the Kuru dynasty, Satyavati thought of her first son, Krishna Dwaipayana (Sage Vyasa). He was immediately summoned. As per law of niyoga, any children that are born of a woman will belong to the husband. Thus if the widows of Vichtravirya, Ambika and Ambalika, were to have children they would belong to the lineage of Vichtravirya. Based on this law Queen Satyavati asked Sage Vyasa to have children in Ambika and Ambalika. Vyasa was an ascetic not used to the ways of the society. His hair was dry and matted. His skin was coarse and

Eating in Restaurant and Fast Food Joints Increases Fertility Issues – Breast Cancer – Diabetes

Eating in restaurant and fast food joints is very common among youngsters, children and family.  Eating food from outside increase levels of phthalates in the body. Phthalates have been linked to asthma, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, pregnancy complications and fertility issues in the past few years The Guardian Reports Phthalates are binding agents frequently used in food packaging as well as a number of other products including flooring, adhesives soaps and shampoos, and some forms of the chemical have been banned from children’s products in the US.  Certain foods, including burgers and sandwiches, were linked to higher phthalate levels in the study, but only if purchased at a fast-food outlet, restaurant or cafe.  The association was especially strong for teenagers, researchers found. Adolescents who frequently ate at fast-food outlets while out with their friends had 55% higher levels of the chemicals than young people eating at home.  Lead author Dr Julia Vars

Sankathari Mantra – Six Names of Hanuman to Solve Any Problem in Life

In Kali Yuga, Hanuman is Sankat Mochan as he has control over all the Navgrahas. He can turn even the ugliest situation into a favorable one. He can change bad luck to good luck. This Sankathari Mantra of Hanuman contains six names of Hanuman and chanting them will help in solving any problems in life. Sankathari Mantra – Six Names of Hanuman ॐ तेजसे नम : (Om Tejase Namah) ॐ प्रसन्नात्मने नम : (Om Prasanathmane Namah) ॐ शूराय नम : (Om Shooraya Namah) ॐ शान्ताय नम : (Om Shantaya Namah) ॐ मारुतात्मजाय नमः  (Om Marutatmajaya Namah) ऊं हं हनुमते नम : (Om Ham Hanumanthe Namah) How to Chant the Mantra? The mantra should be chanted in a Hanuman Temple for nine consecutive Tuesdays after 5 PM in the evening. Wear red or kesar color dress. The names should be chanted 108 times. Keep count on a Rudraksha Mala. Offer nine Bundi Laddu or nine banana as Prasad to Hanuman. Write your problem in a peepal leaf using red or orange natural color. Keep it a