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Saptanagas – Concept Seven Snakes or Serpents in Hindu Religion – Sapta Naga

Saptanagas is the collective name given to seven holy and divine serpents in Hindu religion. The seven snakes or nagas are:
  1. Ananta, 
  2. Takshaka, 
  3. Karka, 
  4. Padma, 
  5. Mahapadma, 
  6. Sanmkhaka and 
  7. Gulika.
These seven serpents appear in Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and other holy scriptures associated with Hinduism. The Sapta Naga concept is mentioned in the Agni Purana.

The Agni Purana states that these serpents should adorn the walls of the temples. Some of them are depicted as having multiple heads.

Hindu God Vishnu sleeps on Ananta in the milky ocean.

Ananta means that which has no beginning or end. Symbolically this being exists throughout the known and unknown universe.

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